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Tips to Make Your WordPress Website More User Friendly

Tips to Make Your WordPress Website More User Friendly

As online shopping and eCommerce are becoming increasingly uncommon among customers, the importance of having an attractive website is touching new heights. With WordPress providing a simple and manageable way to have an online presence, we all agree that customers are spoilt for choices. But one should keep in mind that they won’t spend time on your website if it does not have anything to offer that enhances their browsing experience.

Consider it like this. The website is now brand-representative. People would judge reputation and quality based on its representation. So, if you have an online presence through a website, it is essential to have an attractive representation. And these are tips and tricks that might help you in this cause.

Tips To Make An Engaging WordPress Website

An engaging website surely works wonders for the brand, as it helps develop more web traffic and keep the visitors hooked, which helps reduce the bounce rate. All these elements eventually help in improving search engine ranking. The following tips will help you in having a notable online presence.

#1 Use a good template for your website

The first thing that will appear on the screen or people will notice while visiting your website is its design. So, if you want to make an engaging website, make sure that you have a good template design for the website. 

A good design does not mean you need to fill all the spaces or overwhelm your visitors with a lot of content. Make sure you keep the design simple, basic, and neat. And if there are white spaces, make sure you use them smartly and use them in a way that brings charm to the website. And while you are at it, don’t be afraid of white and empty space either. If used correctly, it can improve the readability of your website and remove any cluttering.

Also, another good suggestion might be using different layouts for each page. Many websites choose to use the same layout for each page. Consistency isn’t bad but if you want to give a fresh and engaging feeling to your website, consider updating the layout for each section and page.

#2 Add Visual Elements

No one likes to visit a dull website, right? A dull website means sites that only showcase texts and have some basic or static images.

If you want your website not to fall into this category, make sure you use different and various visual elements. These could be images, videos, GIFs, etc. Visual elements bring liveliness to the website and make it engaging.

And make sure that your website stays refreshed and lively with new content. For this purpose, you can opt to embed Instagram feed on WordPress website. You can find ample plugins available on the plugin store, helping you easily embed Instagram feed Widget on WordPress. We all know that Instagram is a hub of visually appealing content that has the potential to hold viewers and keep them engaged. 

Most of the plugins have the auto-update feature that provides all the latest content without refreshing the feed, which means it is likely that your visitors get to see new content on the website every time they visit the website. Another amazing feature of these plugins is that it displays all types of visual-based content without hampering the speed or quality of the website.

#3 Use the Call to Action Button

When you make your website and visitors visit, what do you want from them? Buy your products, subscribe to your newsletter, or donate to a cause or any action that helps your business, right? It is where a call to action button comes to the rescue.

The call to Action button might get your work done. But you must place them in the right place and make them attention-grabbing so that it fulfills their purpose and helps you get your desired results. 

The best suggestion is to make it easier to find and use an attractive color combination for your button. Design them so that it catches your visitors’ attention even if they are scanning your website. The call to action button also makes your website more interactive and provides an edge to your website.

In conclusion

A good-looking website provides an everlasting impression on customers and eventually helps improve your brand recognition and reputation. With the tips and tricks mentioned above, make a user-friendly website that helps you stand out from the crowd but also helps you get recognition in the eyes of consumers. So what are you waiting for? Try these tricks now and take your business to new heights.

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