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What You Might Pay for BMW Maintenance

BMW Maintenance costs for maintenance are more expensive than the industry average.

BMW owners should set aside between $1,200 and $750 each year for routine maintenance.

Extended warranties on cars can help lessen costs for out-of-pocket BMW repair and maintenance costs.

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BMW produces high-performance cars with the luxury of its foundation. But, owners should be prepared for an expensive BMW maintenance cost for their annual maintenance. If you’re looking to purchase an old or new BMW It is crucial to know the price you’ll have to pay for maintenance and repairs.

This article will go over the typical annual maintenance cost for BMWs and the best ways to keep your car running at its best. We’ll also go over the best ways to reduce your overall costs of ownership by buying an extended warranty for your car. We’ve reviewed the top extended car warranty providers available on the market, taking into account their reliability, coverage options and price – and will provide recommendations for a few top companies. You can buy cheap cars in Nigeria such as BMW 320i 2010 black Nigerian used cars at the best price.

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Average BMW Maintenance Cost

As per RepairPal, BMW owners pay an average of $968 annually for repairs and maintenance. When compared to the industry’s average that is $552 BMWs tend to be the most expensive cars to repair. 

BMW cost of ownership varies based on the type of vehicle. BMW’s M line, which is high-performance, and SUVs are more costly to maintain than its regular commuter line. Its BMW 3 Series is one of the cheapest models for maintenance, and that’s a reason it’s also among the top sought-after models.

Here’s a look at the maintenance costs for a selection of BMW models using information from RepairPal:

BMW Model Average Annual BMW Maintenance Cost

BMW 528i $825

BMW X3 $1,034

BMW X5 $1,166

BMW M5 $1,173

You’ll be pleased to know that certain BMWs are covered by a free maintenance time. Model years 2015 and 2016 vehicles receive the benefit of four years and 50,000 miles repair in the BMW Ultimate Service. The models that are sold after 2017 include the option of three years, or 366,000 miles maintenance covered under BMW Ultimate Care. If you’re wondering about the differences between these 2 plans, BMW Ultimate Service covers more wear-and-tear and maintenance things in comparison to BMW Ultimate Care.

What Determines BMW Maintenance Costs?

BMW maintenance costs are based on the routine maintenance needed as well as unexpected repairs. BMWs require oil replacement every 10,000 miles. Fuel filter replacements every sixty-five miles or spark plugs replaced at 90,000 miles. You’ll be switching between costly and inexpensive maintenance each time you service your car.

BMW Maintenance Needed Service Interval

Every 10,000 miles change the oil filter and engine oil Check tire pressure,

and check the various and inspect various

Every 30,000 miles, check the exhaust system and test different components, such as the fuel connections, power steering and transmission leaks

Every 60,000 miles replace your fuel filter, hydraulic fluids as well as service the fuel injectors

At 90,000 miles, replace the timing belt as well as hoses. Replace spark plugs, turn

and replace the brake rotors and clean or replace fuel components

BMW Reliability

RepairPal ranks BMW 30th out of 32 brands for its high maintenance and expensive expenses. BMW customers go to the repair shop twice as frequently as the industry standard. Additionally, they have a higher probability of having a major repair.

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Leaks in engine oil

The window regulator not working

The Blower motor resistor is failing

If you are able to find coverage for the right price and you can afford it, an extended warranty could help reduce BMW expenses in the future, especially as the vehicle gets older. Extended warranties cover mechanical problems that occur after your warranty ends, which means that you’re only responsible for the deductible as well as a one-time or monthly installment to settle the warranty. However, some extended warranty companies also offer maintenance plans.

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With the price of luxury vehicles’ special components, a single BMW repair could cost you hundreds of dollars. Extended warranties will cover a range of repairs, and decrease the chance of having to pay for repairs on your own.

BMW’s factory warranty runs for 4 years, or for 50,000 miles depending on what is first. After that and it is possible to extend the BMW extended warranty is able to extend for up until seven years or 100,000 miles. BMW offers a variety of plans for coverage, however, the extended warranty can only be accepted by dealerships. You’ll also have to buy the extended warranty before the warranty’s expiration date.

Beyond the warranty options offered by BMW, BMW allows drivers to purchase maintenance plans that are extended. They cover the cost of maintenance items for up to 7 years or 120,000 miles. As with longer warranties BMW maintenance programs are available in the dealership. Because of this, it could be more costly over the long term as opposed to taking your vehicle to an independent mechanic for maintenance.

If you’re looking for more flexibility or lower costs for coverage, it’s an excellent idea to think about third-party service providers. The top third-party extended warranties can be used at all repair shops that are licensed across the country, which means you are able to choose the mechanic you want to use.