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Wedding Band Styles

Engagement rings grab all the attention when it comes to bridal jewelry. So much so that even a simple search for wedding ring styles turns up mostly engagement ring information.

The wedding ring and custom jewelry, on the other hand, is far more valuable to most people than engagement rings. It symbolizes marriage and is rarely removed. In this light, choosing the appropriate wedding band is critical if you want to receive something you’ll cherish for the rest of your life. That is why we believe it is critical to discuss wedding bands and the various kinds available.

Before we get into the many types of diamond wedding bands, think about what’s most essential to you when choosing your ring. Consider:

Durability – A wedding band should be able to withstand knocks, shocks, and impact while remaining beautiful. Durability is heavily influenced by the materials used and the design.

Symbolism – Each ring style has its own set of meanings. Consider what you want the ring to symbolize if this is important to you.

Price – More complex wedding ring designs are more expensive. Setting a budget will assist you in making decisions within that range.

Your Style – Do you prefer minimalism or maximalism in your personal style? Your wedding band should be a true expression of you and be able to mix in with the rest of your jewelry.

Comfort – Because it’s something you’ll be wearing every day, comfort is crucial when selecting a ring.

The majority of people believe that a wedding band is just a conventional gold band, yet it can be so much more. Here are some of the most common designs to consider:

Simple Band

The wedding ring has always been a simple metal band meant to symbolize eternity, love, and fidelity. The usual metal was yellow gold, and there was very little ornamentation. Even now, its timeless design is one of the most popular.

Plain wedding bands are usually made of precious metals and have a smooth, shiny surface. They can also come in a variety of finishes, such as matte, satin, textured, hammered, or brushed. These finishes aren’t flashy, but they can give the ring greater depth and interest.

Eternity Band 

For a long time, the eternity band has been beloved not only because of its obvious beauty but also because of its symbolism. This ring type is characterized by diamonds around the entire perimeter of the band. The ring comes in a variety of styles, including:

Half-eternity: the diamonds only go around half of the band in this design.

Other sorts of gemstones are used instead of diamonds in eternity rings.

Instead of the classic round diamond, alternative shapes – different gemstone cuts are employed.

Diamonds or gemstones can be set in a variety of styles, including pave, channel, or prong settings.

It’s a timeless design that exudes elegance, glitz, and refinement.

Infinity Wedding Bands 

The infinity sign, a sideways figure-eight shape, is seen on infinity wedding bands. Since the mid-1600s, the infinity symbol has been used to depict an infinite line. The infinity band, like the eternity band, comes in a variety of forms and styles, with the infinity symbol serving as the primary distinguishing feature. While some bands have the symbol around the entire circumference, others may only have one infinity symbol included in the design.

This style of wedding ring is ideal for those who want a meaningful design that is also attractive.

Channel Wedding Band

Channel setting is both a style and a method of mounting diamonds. This means it can be worn with other wedding band styles that have channel-set diamonds.

The diamonds are set into a groove that keeps them secure in channel set rings, which are generally found in eternity band styles. Diamonds can be of any form, but round and princess cut diamonds are the most common.

If you work with your hands a lot and are worried about damaging or knocking your diamonds, this is a perfect option. Channel set stones are pleasant and easy to wear because they don’t snag on everyday things or clank against them.

Curved Wedding Band 

The wedding band can sometimes be overshadowed by the engagement ring, which you may want to emphasize. If you have a stunning engagement ring that must take center stage, a wedding band that matches it by taking on its shape may be required. Choosing a matching curved wedding band is a terrific choice in this scenario.

Curved wedding bands that match the engagement ring’s design are available in a variety of forms and shapes. The options are endless: channel set, pave, or prong. However, it must complement the engagement ring, which will be the deciding element when selecting this type of wedding band. 

You can customize your wedding band according to the engagement ring too.