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Augmented Reality

The 5 biggest Virtual and Augmented Reality trends for 2021

By the end of 2021, augmented reality and virtual reality are going to bring lasting experiences to people around the world. The web development company in India stays up to date with the latest trends of technology. The new and established business has also started to consider investing in AR/VR app development. This advancement in technology has brought a revolutionary influence on the corporate sectors in recent years.

Some of the latest trends of AR/ VR in 2021 are as follows:

1.    Mobile Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

Some of the tech companies like Apple and Google have already released AR kits. Apple has released ARkit 4 which is the latest version of open-source augmented reality web development tools. Also, Google has introduced AR Core in the market. These AR-capable devices are able to bring revolution in the market and their uses are also dramatically increased.

According to ARtillery Intelligence, ARKit devices happen to significantly outnumber ARCore devices. In 2020, there were 1185 million ARKit devices available in the market while ARCore only had 633 million devices. In terms of active users, the numbers are vastly increasing now and will increase in the upcoming year.  It is seen that ARKit has 950 million active users, while ARCore only has 122 million users now.

  1. AR in Shopping and Retail Industries

Nowadays, customers are given virtual options to shop. It is one of the important trends found in the retail industry these days. The retail industry players in the market are American Apparel, Uniqlo, Lacoste, Kohls, Sephora. These brands have designed virtual fittings rooms that allow customers to get a try-before-you-buy experience. Due to the pandemic and social distancing policy across the globe, AR has brought a great position to resolve this problem. The AR technology has just not been applied in the apparel industry but has also been found in use in furniture and other home products.  These Major AR retail experiences are going to drastically change the shopping experience among the consumers.

  1. AR for Navigation

The advantages that are offered by AR for navigation are clear due to more control over the interior environment. There are other tools also available to enhance the experience of AR. They are Bluetooth beacons, ceiling antennas, and QR codes. Some of the AR for navigation you might have seen include MobiDev’s AR demo used in indoor navigation that pretty well demonstrates in practice the potential of the technology.

Google’s AR Live View walking directions for Google Maps has also seen to be improved since August 2019. In October 2020, Google also announced several features to improve the AR Live View experience outdoors. Some of the features include the ability to overlay landmarks and an expansion of Live View to more cities. Also, some new features that involve integration between Live view and Google maps are going to roll out to the consumers in the near future.  Also recently, ARKit 4 Apple introduced a powerful tool” Geo Tracking” that utilizes street-view offering you the best positioning.

  1. Augmented reality with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has also played a major role in augmented reality. Though human programming alone is not enough to display virtual objects against a real-world backdrop, augmented reality also has played a major role in it. Neural networks and machine learning helps to accomplish tasks with more efficiency thus helping to improve augmented reality experiences.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence both work together and only function under a strong team of data science engineers. Machine learning programs are designed to support AR software that happens by the collection and analysis of data. Also, the engineers need to optimize and work on the data model before integration and deployment. AI plays a strong supportive role for AR. Some automatic suggestions that we receive in the offline store can be given on a smartphone using AR experience. These suggestions are purely given by chatbots that are powered by Natural Language Processing Technologies.

  1. Augmented Reality in Remote Education

Educational institutes around the world have seen some major hardships due to the social distancing policies in the 2020 covid-19 pandemic. As augmented reality consists of a number of applications, it has helped to improve the learning experience for e-learning students. The company named “Wikitude ” has created an app called Ai. R-Cord aimed at helping elementary school students learn concepts by using augmented reality experiences.

Augmented reality has helped to increase student focus on course content while at home you cannot learn like in class. The technology also makes learning modes at home diverse by expanding visual content for more visual-focused learners, thereby breaking up monotonous video conferencing and recorded lecture note-taking to improve student engagement.

One of the major advantages that augmented reality has contributed in the education sector is the ability for learners to inspect a model from many different angles on their own. By moving around a virtual object or rotating it well in space, it can be able to better examine and understand certain concepts. Also, it allows students the benefit of at-home experiential learning that is most likely to be remembered and understood by students compared to other methods. Thus it helps to study in a collaborative setting.

Final Words

The opportunities are endless when it comes to using augmented and virtual reality technologies to create new or enhance existing navigational tools in 2021 and beyond.

These are some of the many ways that companies are using augmented and virtual reality technologies in 2021. It is more natural to predict that countless other augmented reality and virtual reality trends will emerge in the year ahead as a growing number of companies begin to use these technologies to attract new customers and stay competitive in this high pace technological world.