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5 Advantages of Sage 200 ERP Integration with No-Code Platform

In a large growing business, you will encounter many challenges, one of which is inventory management. The more your business expands, the micro-task that was considered insignificant turns into more complex tasks which can lead to serious operational issues. Manually managing inventory and delivery is still a common practice in many businesses, but when the sales increases and order volume starts to accelerate, often business gets out of stock without knowing, services get poorer with late deliveries making customers unhappy.

To avoid making customers unhappy and to run business successfully, you can introduce ERP integration to your business. ERP is a versatile finance application that is adept at managing core functions of an organization like finance, sales, business intelligence and production. Sage 200 is a marketing leading ERP solution that can manage and connect your business to a powerful accounting system to make your business function seamlessly.

The Solution: Integrate a CloudApper No-Code Platform with Sage 200

Sage 200 is a powerful business management software solution for small to medium sized businesses. The software is highly configurable, scalable and adaptable which allows you to manage financial and accounting processes. Sage 200 uses a Microsoft SQL database which makes it so powerful that it can handle up to 9 million transactions, with great ease. Another key strength of Sage 200 is its ability to integrate with no-code app development platforms, like CloudApper, making the combined system more efficient and a better fit for your company’s unique business requirements.

CloudApper is a powerful no-code platform that allows the sales and marketing team to easily manage and share information across your business and manage processes for your manufacturing, supply chain, stock, sales order processing, purchase order processing and CRM. The integration allows sales teams to manage contacts and orders with clarity and the marketing team to closely track campaigns and leads. The integration brings companies and customers together.

Sage 200 ERP Integration with No-Code Platform, like CloudApper, unites overall business management system or application with your marketing, sales, admins, inventory management, IT teams and etc, making the integrated platform that powers the entire suite of connected apps. With the integration, you can focus your employees on what’s important right now: stabilizing your business, increased performance, reopening, and getting back to delivering excellent customer experiences.

The Sage 200 ERP Integration with No-Code Platform can easily be integrated into your business enabling you to keep stock data up to date automatically. Let’s see the 5 key advantages of CloudApper and Sage 200 integrated businesses:

  1. Increased efficiency: Two-way integrations remove the need for repetitive manual data entry. Increasing accuracy and effectiveness and therefore can save the need for time in putting together different procedures, such as running different spreadsheets. It automatically checks to ensure that files and invoices are not run twice.
  2. Create and Customize Apps: CloudApper is a cloud based now-code application that offers customized apps for CRM (customer relationship management), sales force management, facility management etc. The software requires no-coding skill with simple drag-and-drop features. It is user friendly for all kinds of business people. Low-code development platforms like CloudApper requires little to no coding in order to build useful business applications within hours. These intuitive tools allow users to create unlimited applications for many purposes like mobile apps and business apps under affordable price. CloudApper has become increasingly popular as a fast and easy alternative to traditional software development to meet business demands for development, automate processes, and accelerate digital transformation.
  3. 24 Hours Website Availability: Your business marketing platform is available and accessible to your customers 24/7. The customers can place an order at their convenience. If you have a no-code platform like CloudApper integrated with your Sage 200 ERP solution, it can allow your business to accept orders even when the system is offline or they are not at work. Once the system is online the queued-up orders will be transmitted or synced remotely. In this way, you will not miss any order or create inconvenience to any client.
  4. Customers can Access Data easily on your website: The system grants your clients access to important information 24/7. With a full business integrated meaning your inventory information is always up to date.
  5. Automatic transfer of orders and customer related data: It gives opportunity to automatic transfer of data that ensures greater accuracy and reduces the risk of inputting errors. Invoicing and other back-end operations becomes easier and invoices to save time and effort.
  6. Secure data transfer: Data security is a crucial issue for all kinds of business. Failure to address these issues may result in serious financial loss to your business. With Sage 200 and CloudApper integration, the data of your business and customers are secured at all times.

Other Benefits of integrating no-code platform with Sage 200 ERP

So, as you can see by Sage 200 ERP Integration with No-Code Platform you can create a more positive user experience with lots of other potential benefits to integrating your CRM with your Sage accounting solution, so in summary:

  • Eliminate data entry and the possibility of mistakes

    • Less time spent on internal emails to remove the clutter from the inbox
    • Elimination of duplication and double entry of orders/invoices
    • Additional authorization is no needed with pricing integration
    • Speed up the estimation to cash process
    • Single dashboard of customer information
    • Eliminates invoice disputes around data entry errors
  • Additional Visibility of customer financial position across teams

    • Ensure customers stay within the credit limit
    • Ensure that Finance doesn’t submerge any big deals
    • Reduce risk with the notification of customers who don’t pay
    • Access to Historical data help sales to be pre-prepared
  • Increased targeted marketing

    • Easy to target marketing based on earlier purchase history
    • Cross-channel sell opportunities
    • Ensure customer retention by targeting repeat purchases and maximize revenue

If you are looking for opportunities to grow your business with great efficiency with Sage 200 ERP Integration with a No-Code Platform to make powerful tools, contact CloudApper.