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How real estate branding can take you places

Why should I buy a property through you? This is a common question real estate brokers face when approaching clients. The crowded real estate broking market has forced realtors to adopt innovative means to attract clients. Answering this question is now done much before the client physically meets the broker. In this article, we’ll see how some realtors have gone to great lengths to carve a unique real estate consulting firm for themselves.

Before we get to that, let us see what they did differently to stay a step ahead of others-

Carve out a niche- One way to show people you’re an expert is by carving a niche about your service. For instance, you could specialize in an area or help students and young families get a property as per their requirements.

Invest in your digital presence- Just having a website will not do. You have to have a robust online presence, with updated details about each property listing that people are interested in. You will also need testimonials to give your service social proof.

Target the (social media) channels that clients use- You cannot be content only with a website- people will know about it only when you tell them about it. There is only one online medium where you can do this- social media. Offline, you can promote your services through mail, hosting open houses, and cold calling.

Ensure complete consistency- Do not promise what you intend not to keep. If your online and offline marketing says you help anyone find a home, you cannot say no to someone unless it is practically impossible. 

This also means you have to have the same team working on all of your marketing collaterals- your logo, theme, colors, ideas, and marketing content should be consistent across all marketing channels.

Additionally, your marketing message, as well as your service, should be authentic, helpful, and relevant to the client’s needs.

Lastly, the most powerful tool in your arsenal is word-of-mouth marketing. Those who have had good experiences will refer your services to others, helping you get genuine leads.

We’ll now see some examples of how great real estate branding helped realtors climb the ladder towards success.

Brown Harris Stevens- consistency in branding

This broking firm hired a leading real estate branding agency that helped it design a website and marketing collaterals that were in sync with its niche- exclusive luxury homes. This branding agency designed them a logo, theme, content, and other marketing collateral that defined its brand and helped it gain some marquee clients across its niche.

Century 21- Rebranding with ease

This world-renowned real estate broker has shown how well a rebranding exercise can help them. They had a logo that was designed way back in the 1970s which they were using for a long time. The newly-designed logo not only looked similar to the existing one, it helped Century 21 get a great deal of publicity for their services. Later, the company extended the rebranding by replacing all of its marketing collateral with the new logo and theme.

Travis Greene (CountryWide Properties Inc) – How to get offline marketing right

Though there is a consensus that online marketing works much better, there are cases when offline marketing has worked well. Real estate broker Travis Greene has converted his truck into a marketing tool; wherever he goes, his truck advertises his services. Though this type of offline marketing can go very wrong, it has worked well in this case.

Jon Hesse, Accelerated Realty Group- A great branding exercise

Jon Hesse, a realtor based in California, took the help of a professional branding agency to sell himself. Though his credentials aren’t so much to boast of, the way the agency presented him gives people the view that he is a respected real estate agent working for the good of the community. A simple infographic was all that was needed to instill confidence amongst people about his abilities.

Sue Adler- Mastered the art of direct engagement

Real estate conferences are the best place to know the market from various perspectives. It is here that a realtor, Sue Adler, leveraged her heft to directly talk with potential homeowners at her ‘Hear It Direct’ events part-sponsored by her. 

She used this platform to explain the intricacies of the real estate market and what potential homeowners can expect from it. The leads she gets from the event are a great way to market her services for the best impact.

In Conclusion

To stand out from the crowd, real estate agents need to do a lot to get leads their way. There are many ways to do so- you could replicate these cases to help yourself get more leads for your service.