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Pc Full Form

Pc Full Form: what is the full form of Pc

Pc Full Form:

In this article, you will get the all details of the Full name of Pc and the related details to it. You just have to read this blog till the end. So let’s get into the details.

Pc full form:

The word pc used for the computer is an abbreviation of “ Personal Computer”. It is also the full form of a “Portable Computer”.

Definition of Personal computer:

Computers are very important tools that are used everywhere in the world to perform various tasks. Pc can be used by only one person at a time and that person can perform multiple tasks at the same time. If a person is making an assignment or working on chrome he can hear songs while doing his work. It is a general-purpose computer system. Pc computers are made with high and new technology. It comes with microprocessor technology which makes them work fast.

History of Pc:

Technology has grown rapidly in recent years. In the beginning, the computer has the size of the whole room. Then it reduced to half size and many interventions took place and now we have slimiest computers in our hands. If we talk about Pc they came into existence due to fantastic semiconductor technology. The world’s first microprocessor was launched by intel in 1971. Henry Edward Roberts was the person who developed the 1st personal computer in 1974. After these developments, many other companies launched their pc.

List of Personal computer:

– Laptops

– Notebook

– Tablet

– Desktop computer

Parts of Personal computer:

Pc works with different parts. If any one of them will be absent it will not work. It’s necessary to have all parts of Pc. The parts include:

1- Keyboard

2- Mouse

3- Desktop screen

4- Hard disk

5- Random Access Memory

6- CD/DVD drives

7- Power supply

8- Motherboard

What is the full form of pc?

Pc is the abbreviation of many words other than a personal computer. So let’s see them.

It is the short form of Program Counter, Providence College, Police Constable, Plaid Cymru, Pancreatic Cancer, Pyruvate Carboxylase, Photonics Crystal, Palliative Care, Polycarbonates, Paid cash, Poor Communication, Priyanka Chopra.

Lets see the details of Pc other than computer:

Providence College (pc):

Many private co-learning colleges in the United States use this word.

Phoenix College(pc):

This term is also used by universities in the US located in Phoenix, Arizona.

Police and Constable(pc):

In India, police, and constables are referred to as Pc. Police rank in India is denoted by Pc.

Pancreatic Cancer(pc):

This is a medical term that denotes different diseases used short form it as Pc. It generally means cancer of pancreatic glands.


It is a term of chemistry that includes different groups of thermoplastic polymers. They use the short form of pc for polycarbonates.

Photonics crystal(pc):

It is a term of physics and it refers to different structures or types of tools that have different refractive indices. Physicists use Pc as a short form of this word photonics crystal.

Priyanka Chopra(pc):

She is a well-known Indian actress and wife of Nick Jones. Her fans call her PC.

Frequently asked questions:

What is the full form of Pc for computers?

The full form PC for the computer is a Personal computer.

What is Pc in chat?

The word pc in a chat means personal chat or politically correct.

What is the name of the first computer?

The worst computer ever in the world is ENIAC.

What does Pc mean in Instagram?

The word pc in Instagram means picture credit.


This article was a lot about pc full form. All the information is given above. Hope you like this article.

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