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Outdoor Fire Pits

The 4 Best Outdoor Fire Pits For Your Home

Feel like your home’s outdoor space is missing a sleek, modern source of inviting warmth? If so, what you’re looking for is an outdoor fire pit. Outdoor Fire pits tie every garden’s décor together, acting as an anchor piece for friends and family to gather around. Each is a striking piece of clean, beautifully complementing any modern decor and bringing hours of pleasure to you and your loved ones through the flames.

At Audacia Home, we host a collection of these luxurious constructions – each one as gorgeous as the next. However, within their variety, some stand out as being particularly home-friendly.

Below, we argue the case for each of these outdoor fireplaces, delving into the details and offering a few suggestions on assimilating them into your home’s outdoor living space.

The Outdoor Plus Del Mar Fire Pit: Chic Concrete Fire Pit

The Outdoor Plus Del Mar Fire PitThe Outdoor Plus has earned a reputation as inveterate professionals in outdoor décor circles. With over 25 years of experience designing, building, and installing fire pits – they certainly know a thing or two about the business of customer satisfaction and perfection.

The result has most recently been the California-coast-inspired Outdoor Plus Del Mar Fire Pit. Style-wise, this outdoor fireplace is rectangle-shaped, smooth, sleek, and we’d go as far to say incredibly chic.

And it’s not only beautiful; in terms of brawn, you can also enjoy 65,000BTU power, producing adjustable flickering flames that exude warmth.

Here’s what you can expect with the Outdoor Plus Del Mar Fire pit:

Reliable materials: Largely considered a concrete fire pit, the stainless steel is where it needs to be – right inside the belly of the lava rock-filled fire pit.

Diverse ignition options: Choose from an LC-certified match lit kit or opt for the electric fire pit experience and go with the electronic ignition system.

Size variety: With five different sizes to choose from but always 15 inches off the ground – just the right size for perching coffee cups and gathering around.

Outdoor natural gas fireplace: the firepit is compatible with propane and natural gas.

Coming in a range of gorgeous finishes, from stark black to polished limestone. For warmth, we recommend Vanilla, and for a sleek, modern appeal, we’re leaning towards Ash. However, our favorite is a crisp white base with black lava rocks, creating a striking yet stylish contrast.

Coronado Fire Pit: Rectangular outdoor electric fire pit

Coronado Fire Pit

Upgrade your outdoor space instantly with the luxurious Coronado Fire Pit. Rectangular in shape, claiming sleek lines and a professional appeal as its own, this imposing piece indeed imparts a sense of ‘grounded’ to any modern outdoor space.

Handcrafted using Powder Coated Steel, this outdoor fireplace promises to stick around for many years. With a naturally high melting point, stainless steel fire pits offer durability and corrosion- and stain-resistant surface – perfect for weather conditions.

This Stainless Steel fire pit also has five size options to best fit the layout of your yard or patio. And with a BTU output of 65,000, you won’t have to stand too near to feel the heat. But if you do – worry not – flame sense technology will automatically cut the gas, keeping you safe and completely unharmed.

Some more features of the Coronado Fire Pit:

Outdoor electric fire pit: Choose from match lit or electronic ignition versions.

Fuel options: Burner is compatible with propane or natural gas

Lava rock: Cerulean Pebbles, Root Beer, Clear, etc. Contemporary fire glass is available if you desire to customize the look of your flames.

And, if you’re having trouble deciding the seating arrangements around your firepit, we’ve got you covered.

Firepit seating ideas for a rectangular fire pit:

While nothing makes a rectangular fire pit pop like a surrounding three-sided bench, fire pit chairs are making a comeback, especially for tall fire pits such as the one above. These days, wicker sofas and chairs are popular around fire pits, most notably with muted-colored cushions and greys, whites, and beiges.

Unity Fire Pit in Stainless Steel: A rounded Outdoor Natural Gas Fireplace

Unity Fire Pit in Stainless Steel

The Stainless Steel Unity Fire Pit is an outdoor fireplace for the ages – literally. This stylish fire pit lends itself to all outdoor spaces thanks to its solid materials, impressive engineering, and deft craftsmanship. Suitable for many outdoor occasions such as backyards, poolsides, and patios without seasonal restrictions.

The Unity Gas Fire Pit is just what you need to gather your loved ones together for a cozy night. Built with socializing in mind and measuring in at ‘chat height,’ it’s only natural you’d want your guests to have a place to sit during those long conversations.

Firepit seating ideas for a circular fire pit:

The makings of a cozy fire pit are almost always the right fire pit chairs. For the stainless steel Unity Fire Pit, we’d recommend natural teak lounge chairs with plush cushions in a color of your choice. Or, a rounded bench always works perfectly in more rustic gardens. For some, concrete slab chairs are the choice of the moment, but a circle of Adirondack chairs always goes down a treat around a circular fire pit.

This gorgeous piece is match lit or electric fire pit according to your needs. However, further electrifying the already convenient build, a push-button ignition option is also available.

And considered both an outdoor natural gas fire pit and propane-powered piece – the option is all yours. And it’s a fire pit with cover; thanks to a solid round glass wind guard coming in two sizes, you can keep your flame burning strong for hours, no matter the weather.

A few more features of the Unity Fire Pit that make it ideal for your home:

  • Constructed from the highest quality steel/copper.

  • Comes with Stainless Steel Fire Pan, Burner, Brass Valve with Chrome Cover, Key, and Hoses.

  • Access Door for gas Tank.

  • Includes all the Lava Rock each model holds.

Unity Fire Pit in Powder Coat Steel: The circular centerpiece of your outdoor space

Unity Fire Pit in Powder Coat Steel

Enhance the atmosphere of your space with this stunning and powerful outdoor fireplace.

The Unity Gas Fire Pit is a gently rounded fireplace with a sleek powder-coated steel exterior that overflows into a table-like edge surrounding a fire pit filled with authentic lava rock. From these lava rocks, a natural gas or propane flame arises. So, it’s your choice whether you welcome an outdoor natural gas fireplace or propane-powered fire pit into your home’s garden. Moreover, the Unity Firepit is offered with either match lit or electronic ignition. You can enjoy the convenience of an electric fire pit or opt for a more manual approach.

While standing at 24 Inches Tall, the broad circular pan lies relatively low to the ground, allowing for a more even warmth as the heat travels upwards. This outdoor fire pit is just the right height for a welcoming communal space, allowing you to talk over it while sitting around the fire.

Finally …

Bring a bit of indoor heat outside with the above luxurious fire pits. Ideal for creating an alfresco lounge space – an extension of your home where you can relax and socialize – they’re a must-have. Their stones and flickering flames lend distinct ambiance and charm to any outdoor space. So, if you’re asking, “where are fire pits near me?” Look no further.

The Audacia Home outdoor fire pit collection has you covered and at an unbeatable price with guaranteed quality – what are you waiting for!?

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