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People are more likely to trust another person than a brand. Here are seven strategies to increase and improve the number of positive local business evaluations.

Research has found that while 47% of digitally mature organizations have an AI strategy in place, only 54% of retail marketers have begun using AI (Best Assignment Writers, 2020).

Even though digital marketing is always changing, one thing never changes:

The Value Of Word-Of-Mouth.

In the past, word of mouth was spread by individuals speaking to one another in passing conversations. These business-related talks still take place in person but have mostly gone online.

Consider this: Wouldn’t you prefer to believe a recommendation from a friend or member of your family over a brand-name advertisement?


Individuals put more faith in other people than they ever could in a company or its advertisements. Numerous internet review statistics support this:

  • Consumers say that positive evaluations increase their likelihood of using a company by 91%.
  • 82% of customers examine reviews of nearby companies online.
  • Online reviews are more trusted by 76% of people than recommendations from friends and family (Pratik Dholakiya, 2020)
  • The typical customer reads ten reviews before deciding whether or not to trust a company.

Therefore, it is undeniably true that more effective online consumer reviews can make a huge difference. Getting more reviews for your local business may initially appear difficult, but it’s not as difficult as you may imagine.

Just attempt the seven techniques that are described below.

During billing, collect email addresses

To increase your chances of getting a review from the customer, ask them for their phone number and email address after they make their purchase. Because someone eager to give their contact information to a company usually had a positive experience and is quite likely to recommend the firm to others.

Once you have their emails, follow up with them politely a week later and ask them to leave a frank assessment of their interaction with your company.

Important: Always read and abide by the most recent official instructions from the review platform when asking for reviews.

  • What Google has to say about reviews
  • What Yelp has to say about reviews
  • What TrustPilot has to say about requesting reviews

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Placards in-store can be used to promote reviews.

As a neighborhood company with a physical location, you can use in-store signage to encourage feedback. This can take the shape of window decals, banners, pamphlets, and booklets. At the base of the bill receipts, you can also write a review request.

promote reviews

A kiosk with an in-store app that can connect clients to a page on the company website so they may submit an in-person review is another option. Alternatively, you might use a QR code that, when scanned, leads to a list of review profile links, giving customers the option to leave reviews on the platform of their choosing.

These give customers a clear indication of your desire for and gratitude for online feedback, demonstrating your concern for their thoughts and the ongoing improvement of your services.

Mention out loud How Much You Would Value Straightforward Criticism

Train your staff to express the value of an honest review, particularly when a consumer appears satisfied. This strategy won’t work, of course, if there is a queue of customers and the cashier keeps saying, “Please review us,” to each one of them.

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Include Reminders for Reviews on Your Website 

The simpler it is for customers to post reviews, the higher the likelihood that you will receive more reviews. Even though it seems so apparent, a lot of companies don’t try to make it easier for their consumers to write reviews.

You see, the majority of individuals don’t give reviews mostly because they are unwilling to put up the effort to “learn” how to do so.

Leverage Social Media

You can publish specific queries about the performance of your company on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Interested followers can be encouraged to post a review on the review platform of their choice.

For instance, if you own a restaurant, you might casually inquire as to if any of your customers miss any earlier menu items that have been withdrawn.

As a “vote” for bringing it back, you could ask customers to indicate it in their reviews. This tactic increases your brand’s social media engagement by enabling customers to contribute amusing tales in the form of reviews.

Consideringly Reply to All Reviews

No matter how busy you are, you must reply whenever someone reviews your company. While it’s usually a good idea to avoid being robotic as a brand, even a brief, sincere “thank you” can persuade people to continue doing business with you.

To put it another way, you should try to be specific and original in your response. Responding to every review, positive or negative, creates the appearance that the company genuinely cares about customer satisfaction, which encourages potential consumers to take the time to share their own experiences.

Additionally, don’t be discouraged by unfavorable evaluations; they contribute to the authenticity of your business. If every review is positive and uplifting, there’s virtually always a red flag. They would begin to question the veracity of those reviews. Here are some suggestions about how to reply to unfavorable comments:

  • As soon as you can, respond.
  • Recognize your error.
  • Give a polite explanation of your position.
  • Even if you believe you are not at blame, express your regret in a heartfelt letter.
  • Give a prompt response or recompense (such as a refund, voucher, etc.).
  • If things start to get out of hand, ask to have the conversation put on hold.

Make the most of negative feedback to grow your company and demonstrate your concern for your clients’ contentment.

Give Your Customers a Fantastic Experience

The quantity and caliber of reviews you’ll get heavily depend on the in-store experience of your clients. A customer will feel compelled to post a review if they are overjoyed with your good, service, or experience.

The secret to getting more and better ratings is to delight customers and beyond their expectations. Therefore, you can be confident that working hard to provide the best client experience will be worthwhile.


When was the last time you bought something from a nearby store without first reading its internet reviews?

Probably not.

One of the strongest sources of social proof for your company is customer reviews. Online reviews are frequently the decisive factor in whether prospects become clients. Not to mention that they are quite important for improving Google’s ranks.  

The time has come, if you haven’t already, to give internet word of mouth the attention it merits and to concentrate on obtaining more positive client reviews for your local company.


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