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Manage your fitness routine through a mobile app

Nobody has ever imagined living in an era of complete productiveness. From budgeting apps to manage our finances, game apps to keep us entertained, office apps to streamline our works, and even fitness applications all over to keep us in healthy shapes. Perhaps this digitally transformed world has it all to help us organize whatsoever. And many custom app development companies conspire to offer even more to this progressed civilization.

With that, let’s make you fit with these amazing fitness apps we’ve pulled together that nicely work around your busy schedule without wasting money on gyms. Moreover, these apps display some work steps, but more of them, including music playlists, workout videos, trainers’ advice, diet suggestion, much more. So, don’t miss out on these apps to stay fit!

Top 6 Android and iOS Fitness Apps to Keep Your Workout Plan on Track

1 – BodySpace

This fitness app is entirely free and works well with our busy schedules. Although, when it comes to weightlifting tactics, there are a few things to keep in mind, this app truly tops it up a notch by giving you the exact steps to lift heavy stuff and gain the popping muscles to your biceps and triceps. Even more exciting about BodySpace is that it keeps track of all your past workout routines and reveals your progress. Furthermore, you can use this app to access its website, which contains a variety of exercise databases, ensuring that you never miss out on the proper routines and strategies to use while exercising. In addition, BodySpace has diverse training programs for any aged individual with fitting schedules.

Why Choose BodySpace?

  • Multiple training programs, from easy to hard

  • Fitness tracker

  • Thousands of exercises, covering each body parts

  • BodySpace friends, followers, and also have news feeds

2 – Jefit

Jefit comes marginally free; most of its basic exercising programs are free. However, when you want to have an advanced exercise routine, you have to buy in-app purchase features in Jefit. More than 8 million people use Jefit to build their dream bodies. With Jefit, you can track your workouts and easily view your progress. Also, Jefit enables users to add photos of their striking bodies, which are coming into shape to get more motivational boosts to endure. More importantly, it’s straightforward to use, even for non-technical beginners.

Why Choose Jefit?

  • Track workout progress and edit

  • It comes in web and mobile apps too

  • Goals setting features

  • Works with apps

3 – Google Fit

Getting healthier in life is a must-do practice. Therefore, backing from workouts won’t be a wise decision and may affect your health adversely. To make this any more accessible, you can shape your body with the Google Fit app. While this app, on the other hand, provides you with an activity goal that can help improve your health significantly. You can track your workouts from your phone or wearables using Google Fit. Further, monitoring your goals and measuring progress it also ensures that aptly. This app also provides simple walking tasks for the elderly to keep their heart rates at a point.

Why Choose Google Fit?

  • Monitors your goal

  • Connects with wearables

  • Check-in anytime and anywhere

  • Tracks your workouts from your phone or watch

4 – Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal

Many of us avoid fitness apps for the extreme workouts they tend to offer, but it’s not the same case with the MyFitnessPal app. These apps take care of your diet plan and help you eat healthy food to stay fit without moving a muscle. What this app does is that it scan the barcode of your prepacked food and promptly display food nutrition information. Simply, it has access to the most extensive food database available, along with precise nutrition facts and information. Besides, you can set goals and allow you to track your progress easily with its calorie counter feature. With this app, you can even develop diet plans and trim your belly fats with ease.

Why Choose MyFitnessPal?

  • Engaged online community of 200 million members

  • 30 days free trial

  • Log Food and Activity

  • Learn from experts

5 – Workout Trainer

A free workout app brings a personal trainer to your home via workout instruction videos, photos, and audio. This app truly comes in handy when we need something that works around our busy schedule and offer many angles of explaining exercise thru video, audio, and images. Moreover, the Workout Trainer app has over 20 million members community from which you can take motivation and exercising tips. To analyze and compare your performance to hit the goal, this app can provide compelling features to achieve that.

Why Choose Workout Trainer?

  • Advanced heart rate feedback and detailed workout analysis

  • Connects Bluetooth and smartwatches

  • Certified trainers guide

  • Social media integration

6 – MapMyRun

Tracking route, speed, elevation, and calorie burns get easy with the MapMyRun workout app. Arguably, this app encompasses all, especially for a workout enthusiast who loves keeping their body shaped and boosted every time. However, it may as well work the best for a dedicated beginner. Using it for a short while never gives you any results. For that, you should have a rock-hard commitment to these apps. And then you see the actual change.

Why Choose MapMyRun?

  • Many pieces of training Plans

  • Connects with wearables

  • GPS tracking feature

  • Track and map your workouts

Summing it up

We have only viewed a small number of apps, although they are the best ones that promise excellent workout tips and instructions. Now that our blog has come to an end, you must know a multitude of app development companies struggle to build novel apps that reduces humankind’s pain points – and that’s what we need. And just like these fitness apps on the loose, we can try them out to achieve a healthier lifestyle and stay fit. Arguably, these fitness apps mentioned above help us keep fit without going to a gym or consulting nutritionists.

And if you have such an app idea that helps make people healthy and fit, consult App Developers Dubai today to make your vision a reality.