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MacBook vs Surface

MacBook vs Surface – The Battle for the Best Laptop

Whether you’re a casual user or a full-time professional, there’s nothing worse than an unreliable laptop. From uncooperative trackpads to lingering viruses, you never know when your device might let you down.

If only there were clear winners in the MacBook vs Surface battle, we’d be there to help you find them! There are so many different factors to consider when you’re looking for the best laptop.

Computing preferences, budget, and productivity need all factor into the decision-making process. If you’re torn between these two professional-grade devices, we’re here to help you get started.

Keep reading to learn more about these devices, their commonalities and differences, advantages, and pitfalls.

MacBook vs Surface Quick Comparison

When it comes to laptops, there are two that always seem to be pitted against each other: the MacBook and the Surface. Which one is the best? It depends on what you’re looking for.

If you need a laptop for business purposes, the Surface is the way to go. It has a sleeker look that is professional and it comes with a detachable keyboard, making it easy to transition from work to play.

The MacBook is ideal for those who need a laptop for creative purposes. The Retina display is beautiful and the touch bar is a great way to quickly access the tools you need.

So, which is the best laptop? It depends on your needs. Let’s compare the two below.

MacBook vs Surface: Processor

The MacBook and Surface line of laptops are among the most popular on the market. They both offer a variety of features and specifications that appeal to a wide range of users. When it comes to processors, the MacBook and Surface offer different options.

The MacBook uses an Intel processor, while the Surface uses a Microsoft custom processor.

Both are powerful and capable of handling a variety of tasks. When it comes to choosing the best laptop, it ultimately comes down to personal preference.

Some users prefer the MacBook for its sleek design and user-friendly interface. Others prefer the Surface for its versatility and unique features. Ultimately, both laptops are great options for anyone in the market for a new laptop.

MacBook vs Surface: Speed

There is no doubting that when it comes to sheer speed, the MacBook is streets ahead of the Surface. It’s got a faster processor, more RAM, and flash storage that is up to 4 times quicker. That said, the Surface is no slouch when it comes to speed. It’s got a very capable processor and plenty of RAM to keep things moving along nicely. 

Both have their pros and cons, but when it comes to speed, the MacBook is the clear winner. The MacBook’s processor is faster and it has more RAM than the Surface.

This makes the MacBook better suited for demanding tasks like video editing and gaming. If you’re looking for the fastest laptop, the MacBook is the way to go.

Check https://setapp.com/lifestyle/apple-m1-pro-vs-m1-max for a closer comparison of which MacBook variety is ideal for you. 

MacBook vs Surface: Battery Life

When it comes to battery life, the MacBook has a clear advantage over the Surface. The MacBook can last up to 12 hours on a single charge, while the Surface only lasts up to 8 hours. This means that you can use your MacBook for longer periods without having to worry about recharging it. The Surface does have a built-in battery backup feature, but it only lasts for 30 minutes.

This year, the Surface got a big boost in power with the addition of a new processor, and the MacBook got a small boost in battery life.

If you need a powerful laptop that can handle anything you throw at it, the Microsoft Surface is the better choice. If you need a laptop that will last all day on a single charge, the MacBook is the better choice.

MacBook vs Surface: Display

The MacBook and Surface have been locked in a battle for the best laptop title for years. Both have their pros and cons, but when it comes to the display, the MacBook has a clear advantage. Its Retina display is one of the best in the business, and it’s only getting better with each new generation. The Surface’s display is good, but it can’t match the MacBook’s when it comes to quality or resolution.

The MacBook offers a Retina display, while the Surface offers a PixelSense display. Both are clear and bright, but the MacBook’s Retina display is slightly crisper and more Detailed.

When it comes to features, the Surface has a slight edge, as it offers a built-in kickstand and detachable keyboard, which are both great for productivity. However, the MacBook is still a great option for those who want a powerful and reliable laptop.

MacBook vs Surface: Cost

The MacBook and Surface have been locked in a battle for the best laptop for years. Both have their pros and cons, but when it comes to cost, the Surface is the clear winner.

The Surface is more affordable than the MacBook, making it the better choice for budget-minded buyers. However, the MacBook is still the better choice for power users who need extra performance.

Both offer excellent features and design, but which one is the better investment?

When it comes to cost, the MacBook is typically more expensive than the Surface. However, the Surface usually has more features than the MacBook, so it really depends on what you are looking for in a laptop.

Which Laptop Do You Prefer?

If you’re looking for the best laptop, it really depends on what you need it for. If you’re looking for something for work and school, the MacBook is the way to go. If you’re looking for something for entertainment and gaming, the Surface is the better choice.

The MacBook and Surface laptops are both great for different reasons. This MacBook vs Surface guide is the best way to weigh your options. Whichever laptop you choose, you can’t go wrong. 

Are you interested in learning more about improving your laptop’s functionality? If so, check out the rest of our blog for tips and tricks.