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K-beauty Viral Cosmetic Brand in India

Romand is a K-beauty trending cosmetics brand, by Saerom’s open studio in South Korea. It is also known as Gaeko of the popular beauty blog Gaeko’s Open Studio. Romand makeup is one of the most trending brands in Korea. It is the most searched K-beauty brand and even beats juggernauts Pony effect and 3CE in online searches. It is Chic, emotional and romantic. It can be worn on a daily basis and has long-lasting results. All these beauty products are mostly purchased by the young peeps in the age group of 18-24 years old. Generally, People buy online products only after the brand could cut through their cynic mindset, after all, who doesn’t want their money’s worth. People today prefer to have a natural look and want makeup with ingredients that are healthy and don’t damage their skin in the long run. They are in fact looking for makeup with skincare properties; bringing a fancy vibe but also pure attractiveness at the same time. 

Romand is for the people and by the people and to keep it that way they regularly conduct surveys and receiving feedback from thousands of customers every year. By engaging customers who are interested in cosmetics through diverse communication and activities, Romand is able to establish a market buzz that catches up with the marketing 4.0 era. The focus is no longer on advertisement but rather on customers’ real reactions.

Although Romand is a beauty product-based company unlike many others they motivate their customers to be happy with themselves and find their own style. Be it coloring your hair red or using makeup to feel confident rather than soft and timid. Their videos are relatable and strive to provide a new way of thinking about beauty products breaking the ceiling of orthodox meaning attached to them.

Where can I buy Romand products in India? 

You can easily shop all the best-selling Romand products in India at the best price from Maccaron.in and the Maccaron App! It is one of the best shops for Korean skincare and top beauty brands in India with hassle-free shopping. Maccaron is an authorized retailer of Romand.

Top Selling Romand Products-:

1.Rom&nd Zero Velvet Tint -:  

Rom&nd Zero Velvet Tint is ideal for those looking for a matte and velvety lip stain. The lightweight texture feels soft and comfortable on the skin and it’s long-lasting. People who want a light and airy lip tint with a soft finish. Weightless formula with a matte finish and creates a blurred, airbrushed lip look. A wide range of MLBB shades for all skin tones. It’s available in 17 different INGREDIENTS/MATERIAL shades. 

  2. Rom&nd Zero Matte Lipstick-: 

Romand’s best-selling matte lipstick now comes in a new transparent design! Romand Zero Matte Lipstick is available in 20 colors at Maccaron (Nude, Red, Mood, and Live), each boasting a soft, lightweight texture that glides smoothly onto lips for a highly adherent finish. A velvet mousse type of lipstick that resolves matte and chic lipstick’s problem, which tends to make lips chapped and dry. The sunset edition for these is breathtakingly beautiful and perfect for the evening rendezvous. 

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Steps to use-: Outline the natural edge of the lips using the tip. Fill out the inner part fully for a bold look. Then apply gently from the inner lip to the outer lip line for gradation. 

3. Romand Zero Cushion -: 

Fortified with the Air Light System, this cushion basis gives a lightweight and faultless semi-matte finish. Fortified with the Air Light System, this cushion basis gives a lightweight and flawless semi-matte finish. Its Long-lasting formula for delicate skin finishes all day long without swearing or darkening. Easy to use, just take a proper amount with the puff and gently dap throughout the facial place along with the skin texture.

4. Romand Better Than Cheek -: 

Romand Better Than Cheek milk series comes in 3 shades of milky colors to create a loveable cheek express for a bright complexion. Colors of dried fruits that were found from nature. Follow just simple steps – Take a small amount with a brush and apply diagonally on your cheeks or in a round motion.

The brand received esteemed “Brand of the Year Awards” in 2018 along with reputed companies such as Nars Korea, Espoir, and Sulwhasoo. Hop on and grab your favorite Romand products now and get creating your favorite makeup looks.