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Is it worth creating a website on Wix?

Today, it is practically impossible to keep a business away from the virtual environment. In this sense, having a good website with good navigation is one of the first steps.

If you are looking for quick and practical solutions to this goal, we have good news: we will talk about creating a website on Wix!

For those who do not know it, it is a web page development platform widely used in Latin America and around the world. 

With a free version and some paid packages, Wix offers many resources so that you can create your page in a few hours.

Follow the step by step!

Is Wix worth using?

If you are not an expert in web development, Wix is ​​a very practical solution.

Even the most inexperienced can create feature-rich pages using the prepared templates as a base and following the platform’s instructions.

Compared to some competitors, such as WordPress, Wix is ​​considered more practical and intuitive for administration, especially for beginners.

However, the platform also has negative points, such as the very significant limitations of the free version: site ads, inability to customize the domain, fewer puglins and resources that some competitors have.

Generally speaking, we can put some points of comparison between Wix and WordPress. Check it out:

  • Wix is ​​much more practical than WordPress, making life easier for those who don’t have the time or technical knowledge for more advanced customizations;
  • Wix has some limitations in SEO resources compared to WordPress, so it needs more optimizations to achieve a good ranking;
  • Wix can be created by anyone with minimal aesthetic sense and computer skills, whereas WordPress generally requires the work of an expert.

By now you must have understood that Wix has limitations, but it is certainly worth it for those looking for a quick and practical solution.

Tutorial: how to create a web page in Wix?

Now how to create a web page in Wix? It is very simple! Take a look at some of the most important steps.

1. Register on the platform

When accessing the platform, you must register to create a web page. Just fill in some information or integrate the Facebook or Google login.

2. Start a creation project

Then, click on “create new website” and select your objective: you can make a portfolio, a sales website , a virtual resume, etc.

Then, select if you prefer to create your website with the Wix Editor, with more customization possibilities, or leave it to Wix ADI. In the latter case, simply fill in some preferences to prepare your website.


3. Choose a template

If you have chosen to use the Wix Editor, the next step is to choose the business web template. There are several categories and subcategories to choose from.

4. Customize your pages

With the chosen web template , you just have to customize the pages.

In the upper left margin, you can select which section to edit first and add pages.

Page settings

Clicking on the first one will display configuration options such as:

  • information;
  • layouts ;
  • SEO attributes;
  • permits and others.

Background page

In the second icon, you can edit the background of the page.

You can choose ready-to-use background options, upload images, videos, or simply change the theme color.

Sections, icons and shapes

The third icon is for adding items to the page. Vectors, text boxes, buttons, social media icons, lists – there are several options.

At this point, keep in mind that a simple and intuitive menu is one of the fundamental elements on a web page. Therefore, shine in the choice of symbols and shapes.

Wix apps

In the fourth icon, you will see a page with applications developed by Wix to add to the site. Some are free and some are paid.

Media upload

Next, there is the option to upload some media directly from your computer or social networks, in addition to materials from Wix itself.

Wix Blog

The last edit icon on the page refers to the blog resource built into the website, which you can create by Wix itself.


5. Edit in the mobile version

After customizing each page of your website, it’s worth selecting the mobile device icon on the top bar of the Wix Editor.

Now is the time to make changes and customizations so that the user experience is also good on the smartphone or tablet.

There are specific options such as “Mobile Tools” with a series of resources so that you have a responsive and optimized web page.


6. View the page and make the last adjustments

Once you’ve finished editing, click the Zoom icon on the top bar to see your full page.

Here you can rearrange the elements, just drag them to the desired location.

7. Publish and manage your website 

Everything’s fine? 

Select the “Publish” option in the upper right corner and voila! Your website is now ready for public access.

After that, explore the management options in the “Control Panel.” There are menus for:

  • connect accounts and domains;
  • manage the members of the website;
  • answer messages;
  • track statistics on visitor behavior ;
  • use marketing resources to boost SEO;
  • change functions, etc.

Remember that at any time you can migrate to any of the paid versions. Advantages include the absence of Wix ads and the ability to customize the URL.

In the free version, your website will be found as www.propertiesname.wixsite.com/yoursite.

On Premium plans, you can use a domain like www.yoursite.com, which gives the page a more professional look.

In the end, is creating a website on Wix worth it?

After this tutorial, you have seen that creating a web page in Wix is ​​a very easy task, right?

Despite some more technical limitations compared to the main competitor, WordPress, this platform surely presents an excellent cost-benefit for those who prefer a faster solution.

Now, to stay competitive in the market, it is not enough to have a nice website, do you agree? 

As we already told you, having a responsive website is essential for people to continue browsing your page.