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Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels: Complete Guide

If you’ve not yet explored Instagram’s most popular option, Instagram Reels, this might be the best opportunity to try it out.

In the summer of 2020, Instagram Reels was the answer to Instagram’s most popular rival, TikTok, which has more than one billion monthly users.

In the wake of TikTok’s phenomenal growth in popularity, Instagram also needed to improve its– performance, discover ways to draw in more customers, increase the number of time users spend on the app every day, and establish its position as a video entertainment platform. That’s why Instagram Reels was created!

In this post, I’ll describe what Instagram Reels are, how Does Instagram Reels Algorithm Work?, how to Create Instagram Reels, and how to Optimize Instagram Reels?

So, without further delay, let’s get right into it!

What are Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels are short-form videos resulting from TikTok’s rapid popularity growth among millions of people. Reels can last between 15 to 90 seconds and can be taken from your camera roll or captured in the app. The dimension of an Instagram Reel are 1080×2024 (9:16). Like TikTok, it is possible to modify your videos and include text, stickers, and music from within the app. You can upload them live or save your video to post later.

Reels posted on Instagram can be an ideal opportunity for companies to engage customers by presenting a video of their product or service. Since it appears in the public realm, businesses will likely gain potential customers with Instagram reels.

But, even though Instagram reels and story sounds like they are similar, don’t be confused about the two. Both of these Instagram features have distinct differences:

  • Reels allow users to use various artistic tools, including speed controls and AR effects, unlike Instagram stories. In addition, you can choose to align multi-clip videos for smoother transitions in reels, which is impossible through the Instagram story. 
  • In contrast to the Instagram story, reels can be displayed in the Explore tab. You can also publish reels on your feed and share them in a story.
  • The story disappears after 24 hours. However, all your reels appear on a specific area of your profile, like other posts. Your original audio will be attributed to you, and others may utilize it to build new reels.

Instagram Reels Vs TikTok

While Instagram reels are similar to TikTok, specific differences create two different formats that differ from one another. Let’s look at:

  • The underlying concept of Instagram reels and TikTok is the same since both formats allow users to provide users the opportunity to make and upload short videos. Reels & TikTok help users show and convey their message using audio and motion.
  • However, Instagram reels and TikTok are distinct in their basic identity,i.e., Reels are components of the Instagram ecosystem; they are an option. However, TikTok is a complete platform.
  • Another distinction between Instagram reels and TikTok is the time limit they provide. The maximum limit for Instagram reels is 90 seconds, whereas the TikTok time limit is 3 minutes.

How Does Instagram Reels Algorithm Work?

Instagram is constantly investing in reels, now it’s the main feature of the app.To make the most of Instagram’s reels, it is essential to comprehend the working of reels. Let’s look at the most important features of Instagram reels:

Instagram Reels Algorithm Signals

This algorithm aims to engage users more while watching the reels and analyze which reels are displayed to them. Furthermore, the Instagram algorithm evaluates parameters such as whether the user is interested in the Reel in real life, commented on it as funny or interesting, watched the entire Reel, or visited the page for the audio track.

Pro Tip: If the creator hasn’t turned off the audio feature, Instagram users can listen to the audio on each reel’s page. A new reel can be built using the same audio. When you design an image reel that has an easily shared sound clip, and the recommendation algorithm is used, it will make your reel more attractive, and you can anticipate greater engagement.

Instagram collects all vital data about the creator of content. The most important indicators for the recommendation algorithm are:

Instagram user activity: According to the Instagram algorithm, users’ movement is a key indicator in the recommendation of reels. The algorithm analyzes the kind of reels on which users have engaged in the past and if they had direct communication or interactions with the creator. Interactions include DMs and Tags, responding to comments, and interacting with your followers to make your content appear in the feed of users often.

Creators’ Information: Instagram chokes out information on the person who designed the reels and who they are, as well as how people have engaged with the reels, for example, if they have liked, shared, or left comments about the reel.

Despite the popularity of a reel creator or how engaged the user is on his reel, Instagram doesn’t endorse certain reel-related content, such as watermarked or low-resolution video or content that is political, and so on.

Creating an Instagram Reel

Overall it’s pretty simple to utilize this feature. In the upper right-hand corner, click on the plus icon, and then slide towards “Reel.” 

Now, you can decide to record your reel as a sequence of clips you take separately or in one take. Alternatively, you could upload a video already in your gallery.

You’ll see a range of tools on the left-right side that you could use to create your video. This includes:

a.) Audio

You can look up a song through Instagram’s music library or by using your music. If you’re looking for something specific, Instagram recently made it possible for users to search for audio using the Search tab of Instagram Reels. In this way, you can benefit from the latest trending audio. Music is an essential aspect of Instagram Reels; therefore, you’ll want to choose the perfect music to accompany your post.

b.) Time length of audio

There are two options available: 15 secs as well as 30 secs. Just tap the icon for either 15 or 30 seconds to alter the duration of your audio.

c.) Speed of the Video

You can also reduce or increase your video’s speed, which is a great option when making instructional videos.

d.) Effects

Instagram has a wide selection of effects you can use to spice up your video. From funky lights to party images to pastels and more, you’re guaranteed to get something that blends into your brand.

e.) Countdown

You can use the timer and countdown features to make your video creation easier. All you have to do is choose the length of the video and then set the timer. So, you don’t need to hold the recording button throughout the recording. You can also alter the Countdown from 3 to 10 seconds if you require extra time to prepare for that awesome video.

How do you create an Instagram Reel?

Instagram Reels provides you with two options for creating Reels:

  1. Hold the button for recording to record footage.
  2. You can upload video clips from your camera roll.

Reels can be recorded as a series of clips (one at one time) or all at all.

Follow these steps to create your very own Reel:

  • Click on REELS at the lower left of the screen and tap it.
  • Utilize tools to prepare your video. Press the audio to choose music from the Instagram music library and then upload the audio to your clip. You may also opt to add your favorite part of the video only.
  • Tap Speed to alter the rate of speed of the video. Tap effects for applying special effects, as well as a select timer for determining the length of your video.
  • If you’re ready to record, hold and tap on the recording button to create a video. If you have set a timer earlier, the Countdown will begin before the hands-free recording begins.
  • While recording, you may tap on the recording button to close the clip, then hit it again to begin the following video. After that, you will see the button to align will be displayed, which allows you to align objects from the previous video before recording the next. 
  • This will enable you to create seamless transitions during moments such as changing clothes and adding new music or adding new characters to your Reel.
  • If you’d like to play the video, cut it, or delete the video you’ve recorded previously, you can play it and modify it.
  • After you’re finished with your recording, you can add stickers, illustrations, and texts to modify your reel.

Done! You’ve learned how to make videos using Instagram Reels, and let’s know how to send them out to your followers.

How do I use a Reel to share?

After you’re satisfied with your video, you can click on the next icon to open your Share Page; next, you can click the Cover button to modify the cover image using the thumbnail of your video or insert the cover image using your camera roll. It is possible to write the caption as well. If you’re not planning to release the video immediately, you can save it in the draft.

Instagram Reel

Instagram Reels lets you:

  • Upload the video on the reels tab exclusively. Your Instagram viewers can browse the reels tab on your account. Instagram’s algorithm might notice and suggest users check it out in the reels tab under Instagram’s primary search.
  • Add the video to your Feed, too. If you select this option, the reel will appear on your profile’s grid with other posts.

Should You Use Instagram Reels? 

Although the function is similar to TikTok, the type of content shared differs quite a bit. Instagram’s platform is an advanced variant of TikTok, with the shared information feeling more organized; however, the videos on TikTok can appear more unorganized.

Ultimately, it’s an excellent feature for influencers with an impressive fan base on this platform. They don’t need to create a new account on TikTok to be able to make short-form video content.

However, based on your audience, then why not utilize both? If you’ve built a significant audience on TikTok and Instagram, There’s no reason to prevent you from using both platforms.


You may be wondering what the next step is for Instagram Reels after all this. Although the Instagram algorithm is still in its infancy, we can say that it looks promising if you compare Instagram Reels with Instagram Stories.

Instagram Reels allows users to create engaging content, build relationships and increase their reach on Instagram.

Why not give it a shot?