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How to Graphic Design a Creative Logo Using Different Techniques?

While all compelling logos follow the basic principles of graphic design, a good logo has one additional characteristic creativity. For many people, a unique logo design plays a vital role in whether it is remembered or forgotten after a few seconds. Therefore, Graphic Design compiled a series of case studies that illustrate how to design a creative logo.

The Decline of the Media

Take the Drop Media logo as an example. If the logo were just a name without any surprises, not particularly original, people would forget the name and its existence after a while.

  • Drop Media adds fun imagery to its logo to make it more appealing. 
  • At first glance, it’s like a visual joke, an amusing optical illusion that makes looking at the sign even more enjoyable.
  • So, it also works well as a branding strategy to help people remember the name. 
  • The “drop” is the easiest part to remember, increasing Drop Media’s brand awareness.

Entertainment Talking Dog

Talking Dog Entertainment’s unique logo design takes a different, classic graphic approach. A speech balloon with cartoon words was placed between the dog’s head and tail. It is best to remove unnecessary details, in this case, only a monochromatic silhouette.


The Steps logo shows that a good logo can be created without precise imagery or optical illusions. The logo design is simple and creative, but the originality and visual play on words increase recognition as with all creative logo ideas.

  • Graphic Design explains that the E is shaped like a staircase to indicate steps. 
  • But this is all it takes to transform a boring logo design into a unique and distinctive Graphic Design.
  • The use of a font with rounded corners and no serifs also makes the logo more interesting by creating a sense of familiarity.

Magic Coffee

The Magic Coffee logo is a classic example of an inverted image, exploiting the optical illusion that can interpret the same idea differently. Is it a coffee cup or a big magic hat depicted in the logo? Graphic Designer notes that Magic Coffee has once again used imagery to reinforce its brand image. Both images, the coffee cup and the hat, evoke the “magic” and “coffee” in the name.

There are many aspects of the logo that are not obvious. According to description, there are images of double-sided scissors and faces, but nowhere near as subtle or realistic as in the Magic Coffee logo.

  • Aside from a tiny dot in the center of the scissors, the image is pretty simple, with only tone and minimal detail.
  • The graphic Designer explains that they decided to keep the design as simple as possible. 
  • As too much visual noise would have degraded the reversible image. 
  • Feature creative typography, and it symbolizes a haircut with one hair shorter than the other.


The Bridge logo, like the Steps logo, emphasizes simplicity over striking beauty. So, creating a connection between the image and the name, in this case, a physical bridge from R to D. The lack of fancy graphics allows the font and colors to express the brand’s personality, which is quite formal and professional, but also a bit on the quirky side.

Anti-Social Network

As Antisocial Network demonstrates, creative logo designs often elicit laughter. It breaks up the relatively simple shape of the logo, an elongated strip with rounded corners and uses it to its advantage.

Antisocial Network

As Antisocial Network shows, creative logo design is often attractive. The logo overturns the relatively simple shape of a long, narrow, rounded corner band to create the image of a middle finger.

  • It’s a common strategy for any company, but it works particularly well here. 
  • Given the “anti-social” nature of the company name, the middle finger metaphor is more than just a joke.
  • It also increases name and brand recognition. 
  • It is worth noting that the “anti” in “anti-social” is slightly longer than the other letters. This subtly emphasizes the more harmful elements of the brand, giving it a more contemporary look.

Final Words

One of the easiest ways to make a logo look original is to use a visual punch, and this is an unexpected twist that makes the viewer think twice.

Author Bio

Roga Benton is a qualified social media expert at Cambridge university, London. She is well-experienced in Graphic Design and has an impressive portfolio.