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Horse Saddle

How to Choose the Right Horse Saddle

Horses have unquestionable charm that is why many children want to own a horse or pony at some point of their life. However, taking care of a horse is no easy job. It requires a lot of work. Therefore, when buying or leasing a horse, know how to take care of it – from feeding to manuring stalls, when to call the veterinarian, and so on. The dietary needs of a horse are quite basic – hay and water.

It needs at least 15 pounds of hay daily. Clean and fresh has to be available all the time. In terms of housing, a horse needs a grassland and shelter. For the latter, it comes in different shapes and sizes.

A horse needs to have equipment, too, such as saddle. Saddle is not cheap but it is an important piece of equipment to have as it is the seat you can use to ride your horse. It is attached to the horse’s back by a girth. To help you choose the right horse saddle, keep reading everything below.

Decide the Style of the Horse Saddle

When shopping for a horse saddle, the first thing you have to do is to decide the style of horse saddle you need. More often than not, the style of the horse saddle will be based on the sport you will take part in, like dressage, horse racing, polo, and show jumping. Dressage and show jumping entail unique style of saddle.

Horse Saddle
It has to be Comfortable

Of course, a saddle has to be comfortable. It has to perfect fit both the horse and the rider. If does not fit well, it can cause discomfort both to the horse and the rider. So, make sure the horse saddle will allow your horse to do its job.

Learn the Types of English Saddles

If you like riding the horse around the trails, go for an English saddle. There are different types of English saddles and these are general purpose, dressage saddle, jumping saddle, racing saddle, and side saddle, to name a few. If you need one, take a look at stock saddle for sale online as you will be able to find one at a price you can afford.

Assess the Fit of the Saddle for your Horse

Whether you are shopping for a new saddle or not, assess the fit of the saddle for your horse. It has to become a part of your routine when riding your horse. If your age is growing older, you have to change your saddle at least once a year.

It Should Stay Centred

The saddle you are buying has to stay centred on your horse’s back without a pad. Therefore, as much as possible bring your horse with you or ask for a warranty so you can return it within the warranty period.

Check the Gullet Channel

Check the width of the gullet channel. If it is too wide, it may end up sitting on your horse’s spinal ligament.

Do not forget to evaluate the bars, too.