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How to Choose the Best Physiotherapist

Physiotherapists are health professionals that study the science of movement to determine the root cause of an injury and facilitate healing. 

Many people seek the services of a physiotherapist to overcome pain, injuries, and improve their overall quality of life.

Physical therapists can assess and diagnose issues and provide treatment plans to restore function, reduce pain, and improve mobility.

There’s no limit to who physiotherapists can treat so it doesn’t matter if you are young or old, physiotherapy can offer you the treatment you need whether you are dealing with severe injuries, chronic pain, or require rehabilitation services.

But before you contact a physical therapist and book an appointment, here are some ways you can ensure you are choosing an amazing physiotherapist:

How to Choose the Best Physiotherapist

Check Their Qualifications

As you would when dealing with any healthcare professionals, it’s important to make sure the physiotherapist is qualified and accredited.

They are required to have a degree from an approved educational institution as well as complete the Physiotherapy Competency Examination (PCE) in order to obtain their license to practice in Canada.

Does The Physiotherapist’s Expertise Match Your Needs?

Physiotherapy covers a wide area of manual therapies to treat a large variety of physical conditions. For instance, one physiotherapist may be experienced in treating sports injuries while another can perform therapy on pregnant women.

Plus, where you are experiencing pain will indicate the type of physical therapist you should visit. If you are dealing with back pain, you’ll want to see someone who specializes in musculoskeletal conditions, for example.

Fortunately, many clinics employ a team of physiotherapists who have experience and expertise in a variety of conditions.

Do They Offer a Variety of Effective Treatment Methods?

Not only are there physical therapists who specialize in different conditions but physiotherapy encompasses a variety of effective treatment methods as well.

Traditionally, physiotherapists use movement and massage to treat physical conditions but some offer other techniques such as massage therapy, acupuncture, hydrotherapy, and reflexology.

When you are looking for the best physiotherapist, check to see if they have treatment methods to address your specific health concern.

How Long Will the Treatment Take?

While a physiotherapist can’t nail down how long treatment will take, an initial assessment will give them a good idea.

However, assessments can take anywhere between 45-60 so you want to make sure the physiotherapist is being thorough in order to provide you with an accurate treatment plan.

Physiotherapy sessions can last between 30-60 minutes and how many you attend will depend on your condition and progress.

Are They Conveniently Located?

If long-term treatment is needed, it’s important to consider where the physiotherapist’s clinic is located – especially if you are dealing with musculoskeletal issues or post-surgery rehab and have to drive or walk a long distance.

Look for a physiotherapy clinic that is nearby and not difficult to get to. However, make sure the physiotherapist is also the right fit for you.

What Does the Clinic Look Like?

You should also consider the look and feel of the clinic as well. A clinic that is clean and bright with newer equipment will likely feel more comfortable than one that is dated and not well-kept.

Also, take a look at the clinic setup. Is it an open-concept space or does it have private treatment rooms? There’s really no advantage of one over the other except for what you consider to be a comfortable environment.

You can always go visit a clinic and ask for a tour. If they have a friendly staff, you’ll be able to check the place out before booking an appointment.

Check Their Availability

You are likely considering visiting experienced physiotherapists because you are dealing with pain – so a waiting list is the last thing you want to be put on!

Don’t hesitate to ask the physiotherapist what their workload is like and how soon you can receive treatment, especially if you need emergency attention.

Research Reviews and Feedback

To get a clearer picture of the quality of service provided by a physiotherapist, look at Google reviews. Customer reviews will give you an idea if there are any complaints about customer service or treatment.

Be sure to take any feedback you find with a grain of salt. You never know if a bad review was written by a disgruntled patient with unfounded complaints.

However, if you are noticing the same type of feedback, negative or positive, across multiple customer reviews, it’s probably an accurate indication of how professional their service is.


Lastly, it’s important that you get along with your physiotherapist so their personality should be taken into consideration.

Because they are working closely with you to improve your health, you want to have a good personal relationship with them. 

While having a professional staff is expected, make sure the physiotherapist is kind, understanding, and listens to your concerns with a friendly nature.

A good sense of humor doesn’t hurt either!