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5 Tips for Using the Google Chrome Extension Store

Do you want to improve your Google Chrome experience?

Google Chrome is the world’s most popular browser, but it isn’t perfect. However, through application development, many developers created extensions to simplify browser functions. You can find these applications and software on Google Chrome Extension Store.

Google Chrome extensions are programs users install to customize their browsing experience. It makes web functions accessible and increases users’ productivity.

Want to learn more about Google Chrome extensions and how to use it to your advantage? Read on to discover more.

Customize Chrome

Did you know you can customize your Google Chrome to suit your preference? You can change themes or personalize the tab page for easier browsing.

Change Themes

If you want to change themes depending on events, Chrome has you covered. Chrome offers theme options ranging from solid colors to artists’ collections. You can find and change themes that support a social movement, too.

Launch your browser and click on the kebab menu on its top-right part to change the theme. Navigate the cursor to Setting and choose Appearance found on the left. Your screen displays the theme, font, and page customization menu.

Next, select Theme. Chrome greets you with different and categorized options. Then, choose a theme you like and click Add to Chrome for a new browser appearance.

You can check other options under Appearance to personalize your browser.

Personalize Tab Page

A simple and dull page welcomes you when launching the Google Chrome browser. It displays the Google Search bar and shortcuts for other websites. You can level up its look through the customization page.

You can find a Customize button at the lower right corner of the tab page. Click on it to discover other customization features. The screen displays the Background, Shortcuts, and Color and Theme options.

You can use the provided photos or upload a personal picture to change the tab background. For the shortcuts, you can curate, use the most visited sites, or hide them. The Color menu displays available solid colors to apply.

Use Different Profiles

If many people use the browser, make different profiles to keep customized settings. Chrome allows many users in a single browser. Select the icon beside the kebab menu to add profiles or go guest mode.

Manage Extensions

Install apps and software to level up browser customization. The Google Chrome Extension Store offers broad and categorized options of applications. You can find useful software that helps in improving productivity.

There are extensions for everything these days, including boosting Instagram engagement! View here to check it out. 

Visit the Chrome Web Store to find and choose the extension you need. Note that you cannot install a browser extension in incognito or guest mode. You must log in to your account to personalize your browser.

Click the Add to Chrome button of the chosen application to install. Some app extensions need permissions or data to proceed. Thus, click Add extension to approve the installation of the application.

If you need the extension, click on the puzzle icon beside the address bar.

To manage extensions, go to the More Tools on the kebab menu and select Extensions. Find the app that needs changes and click Details to see its settings. From there, you can turn the extension on or off, allow it in incognito, or remove it to uninstall.

Remove Malware

An app extension can stop working when infected by a suspicious program. Malware can change the files of an app, causing it to malfunction. Failure to remove malicious software can affect work performance and productivity.

Running an anti-malware program should be able to detect suspicious software. If you find malware, remove it to prevent a harmful impact on the system.

Go to Extensions on More Tools to repair the corrupted extension. Corrupted extensions show the Repair button on the Details to fix it. Proceed to the Chrome Help Forum if the repair didn’t fix the problem.

Ensure a Chrome Extension Is Safe

Many users install a Google add-on to increase the security of browsing activities. However, even browser extensions can expose your device to harmful attacks. Most malicious software steals data or redirects users to suspicious websites.

Thus, ensure the safety of the Chrome extensions you install. There are factors you must consider to guarantee it. Check the credibility of the extension, its recent updates, and reviews.

You can determine the credibility of an app through the badges. Ensure the extension earned either or both badges before installation. Refer to the feedback given by other users to get a hint about its performance.

Understand Badges

One of the disadvantages of installing app extensions is the increased security risk. Studies show there are over a million users who are victims of malicious app extensions. The extensions upload private browsing data and redirect users to malware-laced websites.

With this, Google imposes the use of badges to identify reliable browser extensions. You can guarantee that trusted apps earn the badge as the Chrome team checks each extension. They based their assessment on specific criteria that apps and software must meet.

The badges granted to Google Chrome store extensions are the Featured and Established Publisher. The former appears as a prize ribbon, while the latter uses a checkmark design. Each badge represents specific classifications.

Extensions that meet high user experience and design standards earn the Featured badge. To earn the Established Publisher badge, the publisher must meet specific conditions. They must verify their identity, hold a consistent positive record with Google services, and follow developer program policy.

Extensions must provide a store listing page containing all essential information. It must present images and detailed descriptions of the application.

Using Google Chrome Extension Store

Here are tips to consider when using a Google Chrome Extension Store. Increase productivity and enhance website functionality with browser extensions. Choose credible apps and software to prevent malware infection.

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