Gojek Clone – Grab The Opportunities That Helps In Establishing The Business Instantly

Gojek Clone – Grab The Opportunities That Helps In Establishing The Business Instantly

Right from ordering groceries, there is an app for everything. But, we don’t’ to be everything kind of “Ordinary” rather unique and stand out in the competition. Developing Gojek Clone App. If you are wondering that if it is possible to build an app that looks and performs like Gojek, yes it is true. Approaching an app development company offering reputable clone app development services can help you seize this opportunity to establish your multi-services business.

What Is Gojek & Why Do You Think It Can Help Establish Your Multiservices Business

Gojek Application was founded on the belief of resolving daily challenges by integrating them with the latest technology. The startup begins its career with 20 drivers in offering moto rides to the citizens. Later on, it added multiple services for the citizens of Indonesia that can efficiently handle the hassles and the madness of handling the house or chaos of it.

The app turns out to be an inspiration. Today business owners are attracted towards Gojek Application and wish to develop an app like it. The Super App allows to quickly establish the business. The latest features allow getting a foothold in the market offering greater business opportunities.

There are ample benefits when it comes to choosing and developing an app like Gojek.

How Will You Make Your Gojek Clone App Different?

Though your Gojek Clone App is taken from the original Gojek concept, you can make it different by adding new features 2021 to it.

You already are building Gojek Clone based on the successful business model, all you have to do is be different. Features are the only way that people notices immediately, attracts them to use the app.

Include features like:

Taxi Booking iWatch App allows Apple users to book their taxis from their apple watch. This works similarly to Uber Taxi Booking App. Makes it quick and easy to book a taxi.

  • Restricting driver’s fraud prevents the driver from marking arrived. This allows prevailing transparency throughout from taxi booking to taking the ride.
  • The feature allows to re-assign the delivery driver if there is an incomplete order to finish. This can be done under the following circumstances where the delivery driver has rejected the request, has confirmed the request but rejected afterward, and have no delivery driver available in the nearby proximity.
  • Restaurant menu multiple options/toppings feature allows the restaurant owners to earn more. The user will have a variation to add that gradually raises the billing amount.
  • One store several categories feature allows the Admin to list the store under multiple categories. For example, the store is selling groceries and food both, listing under relevant categories will allow the owner to earn more customers.
  • The free delivery promo code feature allows Admin to pitch a variety of “free delivery” codes for the users to entice them for more shopping.
  • Advanced rating for food items and delivery drivers allows users to provide ratings and reviews to the restaurant and delivery drivers
  • Location-wise banners allow the Admin to publish the banner home page for specific locations thus targeting the users becomes easier. Likewise, location wise push-notifications allow the Admin to announce mass notifications as well as important updates to the specific locations and targeted audience.
  • Using Firebase mobile verification feature allows the app owner to save huge by not spending expensively on the 3rd party SMS.
  • SKU Code feature is added to help stores and restaurants identity items quickly.

Integrating Gojek Clone With COVID19 Safety Features

Combining the new features with COVID19 Safety Features in your Gojek Clone App will boost your app performance. Your users will use more of your app knowing that you have provided much-needed safety protocols concerning their safety.

COVID19 Safety Features will include Contactless deliveries, Safety checklists, Face mask verifications, Safety budget, etc.

Having integrated your app with “New Normal” features will lure more customers to your app.

In Conclusion

To develop the Best Gojek Clone App, you must have the right features and functionalities. Also, it enables you to implement various marketing and monetization strategies to increase your profits.

However, not all Super App can sustain the reason they are majorly focused on the functionalities and offering some high-end features rather than developing the app around customer’s needs.

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