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What are the Best Email Hosting Services for Small Business?

Email is considering one of the best channels of professional communication in a business. It stores all your communication important messages and documents which you share over mail.

As there are newer trends in technology like Chatting applications or Mobile text messaging which are widely used for communication Email form communication is considered more authentic and is irreplaceable.

“They are the perfect example of controlling business communication in present.”

There are a huge amount of emails received and sent per day. Managing these important emails is not easy at all.

Moreover, if you own a professional business email it provides you the feature of customizing domain which builds creditability.

If you want more advanced features for controlling your business communication in a professional way via email then you have to choose an email hosting service provider.

E-Mail Hosting

Email hosting is just like web hosting services. Many email hosting providers offer different plans for business-specific needs.

It’s simple to get an Email service you just need to sign up, register with Google and buy a web hosting account.

Here in this article, we will know about the best email hosting service providers for small businesses.


Mailing ServerMailing Server

Gmail by G Suite

G Suite is the most popular and widely used email service in the world. From Big Giants corporations to small and medium enterprise G Suite is the first choice of consumers.

People are generally aware of how the free mailing service Gmail of Google works. G Suite is just the more advanced version of Gmail.

Just like a Suite, a G suite includes various easy to use tools like shared calendar, hangouts, drive, doc, sheet, and slides, etc.

These tools are helpful in performing business operations at ease.

It provides customize email services to its users. Not only this you can use more of the applications with G Suite without paying any extra cost. However, G Suite is not free to use more advanced features of this mailing service you have to pay a premium amount.

“G Suite is a cost-effective solution. Its initial starting price is $6 per user per month. Its enterprise plans include more offerings than starting plan which comes at $25 per user per month.”

Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail service is a competitor of G Suite and Microsoft 365 email service. This comes with the same features which are offered by G Suite and Microsoft 365.

Zoho is capable to maintain and perform business operations at ease. It comes with both a paid version and also a free version service. As we all know nothing comes for free at a quality.

The free version of Zoho has basic features of mail which include sending and receiving emails. However to utilize more features of Zoho Mail you need to pay a nominal fee. You can create a business account with a custom domain.

It supports POP/IMAP/ email forwarding and the use of other party apps. Zoho Mail starts from $12 per year and goes higher according to business needs.

Microsoft 365

Office 365 is one of the best options available in the market when we talk about the best email service provider.

It comes with essential tools like Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other important Microsoft applications. Its business premium service comes with a custom email account which includes 50 GB of storage space.

To create more productivity to business its outlook version comes with all the necessary Microsoft Office applications like Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, One note, etc.

Office 365 Outlook comes at$100 per year. Moreover, this product has an admin center from where you can manage your emails easily, by creating, deleting, script creation, etc.

Microsoft 365 provides security against cyber-crimes. It comes with spam filtering and antimalware protection. E-Discovery is the most popular feature of Microsoft 365.

MX Route

If you are a small business owner who wants an easy-to-use email hosting service for your business then MX Route is one of the best choices to select.

MX Route is a cPanel mailing solution.  This option is best if you have a tight budget as it only starts from$60 per year for an unlimited email address and domains with 50 GB. It supports webmail/IMAP/SMTP/POP3 to access in an easy way.

“You stay in protection against cyber-crimes with spam filtering”. If you own an MX Route account you can avail the benefits of Next Cloud too which provides features like G suite applications.

Create multiple email account for multiple websites from a single MX Route account with ease.


Rackspace is popular from back in 1998. They are well known for their originality in the cloud infrastructure.

The most reliable web-based email service provider in the market provides a wide variety of IaaS services.

If we talk about Rackspace security they offer a spam filtering process and ensure your mails are never read, sell or scanned.

They offer email migration tools to transfer your email accounts to Rackspace email. It guarantees 100% uptime and 24*7 supports for its customers.


In conclusion, there are many email hosting service providers which do their best to stay top in the market.

An email has increasingly become a more and more essential element for professional business communication.

Email hosting provides high scalability to your business and builds customer creditability and trust. Choosing the right email service will help you to manage your email.

It provides security to your data information both internally and externally and will help you to create a trust for your customers.

“Custom email will generate curiosity in the mind of your email reader to know about your business more. This will ultimately generate more leads and help your business to grow more.”