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Custom Homes

Professional Interior Painting for New Custom Homes

As custom home builders, you handle the overall process of building your clients brand new homes. This process involves the selection of details like wood type, flooring, and other key parts of the home building process.

Another part of that process is figuring out what professional interior painters in Columbus, Ohio you want to work with. Finding a trusted painter can lead to a long-term partnership that goes beyond a single project. So, here are a few steps on how to find the right professional painters to work with as a custom home builder.

Do Some Research into Professional Interior Painters near Columbus, Ohio

As custom home builders, you know how important research can be in working with another company or service provider. In searching for professional interior painters near Columbus, Ohio that you would like to work with, research is going to be the best place to start.

Here are two ideas on how to get started researching for experienced and trusted professional painters near you.

  1. Check through past painting companies you have worked with. You may find the right fit among them.
  2. Make use of the Internet! The Internet is a great way to discover local professional interior painters near Columbus, Ohio. You can easily read through reviews and check out their past work as well.

Figure Out The Project Size

Whether you are working on finishing up a completely new custom home project or a former client has come to you for recommendations on a painting company, understanding

Whether your custom home is fully completed, and you are just looking to have some fresh paint done or you are in the process of having it built, having a good idea of the project size can help you when you finally reach out to professional interior painters in Columbus, Ohio.

Figuring out the scale of your project may include having the following elements laid out:

  • The type of projects the painters will be handling: Is your client looking to have fully custom paint work done? Do they want a custom mural worked into their home somewhere or are they interested in keeping their home more neutral?
  • Overall square footage to be painted: To help the contractor you reach out to understand the full scope of the project, have the overall square footage on hand.
  • Overall budget for custom home project: As the builder handling your client’s custom home build, you will know the budget for the entire project. Factoring in the cost of custom home painting will be key. When discussing the kind of work you need done, including what your budget is will allow a painting company to know what you are looking to spend.

Ask Any Questions You Have

Once you have done your research and you have some professional painters that you are interested in getting quotes from, consider asking some additional questions as well. This allows you to ask more specific questions that may not be answered on their site and can give you a better idea of how they may fit into custom home project as you work.

It is an easy way to learn more about a company and it can help narrow down who you might want to work with.

Some questions to ask might be:

  • What steps do you take in your painting process?
  • What brands or kinds of paint do you typically work with?
  • Do you have a time estimate for this project?
  • What is the cleaning process and precautions you take before and after getting started?

These three steps are a great way to help get you started on planning what professional interior painters in Columbus, Ohio you will work with ahead of time. Figuring out who will handle an important part of the custom home building process early on can help keep everything moving towards a finished home in a timely manner for your client.

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Trusted Coatings is a professional painting and staining company based out of Columbus, Ohio. With over 25 years in the painting business, Trusted Coatings has become a trusted name in the Ohio landscape. Delivering top-quality work, no matter the project, Trusted Coatings offers free color consultation and a range of services including custom home painting, interior and exterior painting, and mural work.