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Content Marketing for SMEs and Companies

Surely you already know what content marketing is and its importance for any company, SME or project. But do you know if you are using this powerful tool to attract traffic and conversions in the right way?

Through content marketing, you will not only connect with your audience by offering them what they need, but you will also provide the user with valuable content. Thanks to content marketing you will achieve greater visibility of your products or services in search engines.

Before going fully into what are the most effective tips for content marketing in an SME, company or personal project, it is convenient to be very clear about the concept and understand how it should be integrated into an Inbound Marketing strategy.

What is content marketing?

Generate content of interest to your customers and also to the target audience to which your products or services are directed. For this, the blog will be your main ally when it comes to carrying out a content marketing strategy that brings, retains and loyalty to the user.

Although content marketing alone is not going to make you sell more. You will be able to capture more traffic and engagement, but then you must keep in mind other elements that help you transform that qualified traffic into conversions.

According to eworldTrade expert’s a study, 78% of consumers say that relevant and valuable content decisively influences their final purchase decision.

On the other hand, many entrepreneurs and businessmen and trying to reach to the top search engine results and for that, they are striving to get Wikipedia pages about their business or company. However, creating a Wiki page is quite a difficult task and requires professional hands, hiring expert Wikipedia page creator is worth considering.

What benefits does content marketing have for a company?

Content marketing has more advantages than disadvantages. So in this post I want to make clear its main advantages for any project or business:

  • Make yourself a reference in a subject or sector: imagine that you search for different terms in Google related to content marketing or best content marketing strategies and for both searches the same URL appears in the SERP, that is, the same web page. Don’t you think that page is generating branding and brand awareness?

  • Differentiation from the competition: today there are still many companies that are not applying a content strategy on their blog or in their publications. So if you’re in a niche where your competitors aren’t blogging, what are you waiting for? If they are already working on it, nothing happens. You will always have the opportunity to do better!

  • Increase sales and conversions: if we are an online store that sells products, our blog will be the channel to attract qualified traffic to the web. This traffic responds to a search intent of the know type. That is why the content that we are going to share on the blog will influence the final purchase decision.

  • Own content to share on networks: the posts we create on our blog are an excellent way to nourish valuable content for the followers of our community. And not only that, since our will increase our engagement.

  • Organic positioning: if we work the content part in the right way, we will be able to appear in the first search results, which means a reduction in advertising investment.

Why hire a content marketing agency or consultant for your company?

Just as important as carrying out this persuasive online communication strategy is finding the agency, professional or freelance that suits the needs and demands of your project.

It is obvious, but when putting the online reputation of our brand in the hands of a third party, we must be convinced that the person who will be in charge of carrying out the content strategy understands perfectly how our niche works. And what we want to transmit through the different social channels.

In other words, the person who is going to carry out the content marketing or content generation strategy has to reflect on the blog, social networks and the rest of the elements you use to communicate with your customers a series of requirements:

  • Persuasive communication and learning about copywriting techniques

  • Understand your sector and the market niche in which you move

  • Know your clients

  • Connect with customers and understand the brand pillars of your company

  • Measure and analyze results


Now that you have reached the end, you will have realized the importance of content marketing in SMEs or companies like yours and how to use it in a strategic way to achieve the objectives of your project.