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9 Tips to Keep Cloud Storage Safe and Secure

Cloud computing is not a new term, but it has brought enormous benefits in the COVID-19 dominant world. It offers many profitable features to businesses, such as cost control, flexibility, and scalability. Cloud vendors offer many amazing security features to keep your business data safe and secure. But there is always room for improvement when it comes to protecting your sensitive information. Also, you can’t always rely on these security features. Your business information is your most important asset, and you should make every effort to keep it secure from unauthorized access. Let’s explore some of the most reliable tips to keep cloud storage safe to keep your business data secure: 

Data transfer using cloud storage takes place over the internet. Internet is an environment that is full of hidden malware and viruses. As a precautionary measure, you can install a reliable and robust anti-malware program on your devices. These programs help in preventing suspicious downloads and hacking. 

Additionally, be sure to create a backup copy of your files in case of an emergency, such as an offline server. You can do this by making backup copies on your external hard drive. 

You can also choose to partner that provides data backup solutions. A good option is Xavor’s Cloud Services. Xavor has a team of experts who helps you in providing cloud backup solutions. 

  • Turn On Account Alerts 

Almost all cloud storage services send you alerts if there is any change or activity in your account. They also send alerts when someone tries to access your account. In any case, be sure to turn on such alert features. It helps you identify any suspicious activity regarding your account. 

Moreover, subscribe to features that send notifications about activities that take place within your account. By this, whenever there is a new folder created or removed, you’ll get a notification and be aware of it. 

  • Secure Accounts with Strong Passwords 

Strengthening your account is the foremost step in acquiring secure cloud storage. If you have a compromised account, even encryption won’t be able to protect your information. Thus, increase account security by using strong passwords. 

A strong password consists of at least eight characters; the longer the password is, the better. It also needs to have a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols such as * or @. Never create passwords on personal information, as hackers can easily capture this information. 

As far as possible, stop using the words in the dictionary. Make your password as complex as possible to help reduce the risk of breaches. 

  • Consider Managed Cybersecurity 

Getting managed cybersecurity services ensures greater security assurance. With time cybercriminals are getting smarter. Thus, strengthening and preventing cybersecurity is becoming a difficult task. This is especially true for individuals and organizations with no previous background in cyber system management. 

That’s why we highly recommend getting help from the experts. Managed ​​security ensures that your network is constantly monitored. It ensures that professionals solve all potential security risks on your network. 

Xavor ensures cloud security through a comprehensive threat analysis and assessment. Our team regularly audits our cloud services to identify vulnerabilities and improve security. 

  • Audit Files and Adjust Content Control 

The good thing about cloud storage services is that it allows you to share files easily. The drawback is that it leaves your files at risk of unauthorized access. When cunning users find links to your files, they can easily access them. 

For this, it is best to apply file audits to all the items you have shared. Delete inactive shared folders to restrict access points. For active files, set expiration dates and use folder permissions. You can also take extra miles and secure your links with passwords. 

  • Update Operating System 

Many users do not take the operating system update seriously. However, that is important in reducing your system’s risk of malware and downtime. These updates contain system bug fixes that keep your data safe. 

Choosing to ignore them will lead to disruptions such as a slow running time. Therefore, learn about tips to keep cloud storage safe by updating your operating system as often as you can for better protection. 

  • Use Secure Connections 

Setting firewalls, using complex passwords, and anti-malware programs are all useless if you’re using and continue to use an unsecured connection. The insecure connection makes it easy for hackers to get into your system. They can do this easily with a small device and staying within 100 feet of distance near you. 

Therefore, as much as possible, avoid using a public wireless internet connection. If you are using one, verify the source of the connection first before connecting. 

Make it a habit to turn off your Wi-Fi feature when not in use. Always use a virtual private network for viewing your private and sensitive content. It reduces the risk of security breaches and data leaks. 

  • Keep A Backup of Your Cloud Data 

Many users believe that the public or private cloud is an easy way to have a backup of the data. They often delete that data from the storage drive to have more space. It is a smart way to manage storage space on your device, but it is not a secure way. 

Make it a habit of keeping a copy of your data in the physical data storage device, as there can be cases when you might lose access to your cloud storage service

  • Invest in Cloud Security Solutions 

Do not hesitate to invest in cyber security solutions. These solutions make sure that the data transfer and disclosure in cloud storage are well protected. It means that the chances of hackers getting access to your data and using it to blackmail you are quite rare. 

With Xavor’s cloud security solution, your data is in fully secure and state-of-the-art software. There is no need to worry about data leaks as all data goes through encryption to ensure that criminals can’t easily access it. 

We offer cloud services with backup and recovery. In the event of an emergency, we recover your information on our secure cloud-based platform