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Chia seeds

Chia Seeds: Health Benefits and Positive Effects

As per the best nutritionist in India, the body needs nutrients to stay fit and healthy and there are numerous ways of getting these valuable nutrients in the body. One such food is the Chia seeds. Originally grown in Mexico, but due to its popularity in providing great health benefits to the body, they are now being grown in various parts of the world and consumed in various ways.

Chia is a flower bearing plant from the mint family, it is mainly cultivated for its seeds. As said earlier, the health benefits of Chia seeds are many. As per the best nutritionist in India, Chia seeds can be consumed as it is by adding them to various dishes or in the powered form of these dried seeds as an addition to beverages and baked foods. Sprouted Chia seeds are also consumed as a part of any salad or inside a sandwich. One of the most way food companies use the benefits of chia seeds in their products is in the get form in jams, smoothies, yoghurt and cereals.

What all is there in Chia seeds that makes it all that popular for health purposes?

It also contains high levels of anti-oxidants, essential vitamins like vitamin – A, B, D and E and many essential minerals vital for our health like calcium, sulphur, iron, magnesium, potassium, phosphorous, zinc, iodine, copper, manganese and magnesium.

Today the health benefits of Chia seeds are embraced worldwide and regarded as a ‘super food’. They also are a popular choice of many nutritionists.

What are the health benefits of Chia seeds?

  • It is very good for heart health

Chia seeds are a good food source for a healthy heart and mainly because it aids on controlling and lowering blood pressure. The human is not capable of producing these two of its own and needs them essentially for supporting the nervous system, body’s immunity, for reproductive health and for the cardiovascular system.

  • Ensures steady energy

The best nutritionist in India says Chia helps in slowing down the speed of digestion and controls the process on how it digests and absorbs complex carbs. And this entire process ensures stable and sustained energy supply to the body.

  • Energizes the body like nothing else

This one quality of Chia seeds makes it an energy dense food source. It is said that a table spoon of Chia seed can provide with the recommended dose of energy a human body needs in a day. As per the best nutritionist In India, it contains a balance mix of all – proteins, fats, fibres and carbohydrates.

  • Helps in preventing inflammation in the body

It has been found that people who suffer from pain due to arthritis, feels greatly relieved after consuming Chia seeds. The pain and agony in such cases is caused due to inflammation. The best nutritionist in India says the joints gets lubricated due to the presence of high amounts of Omega-3 and also they become more agile and flexible after consuming Chia seeds.

  • Makes for a healthier brain

The essential fatty acids present in Chia seeds helps cell membranes in the brain more flexible and aids in making the nerve transmission more efficient and active. They also helps in improving brain functioning including memory power and concentration.

  • Is great for weight loss

Chia seeds helps in controlling the appetite, and this all happens because it forms a barrier between the body and carbohydrates consumed. The best nutritionist in Bangalore says this makes the release of carbohydrates slowly in to the system. It aids in two ways – reduces appetite and this who exercise regularly always stay active, nourished and hydrated rather than feeling tired and sleepy. Chia seeds are virtually tasteless and hence they can be added to any food preparation.