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Best Hair Transplant Latest Methods in Dubai

Best Hair Transplant Latest Methods in Dubai

Don’t get controlled by hair fall! Get Freedom from Baldness!

This is an issue from which men and women are suffering. Daily habits including the food people are taking and certain medications usage provoke the problem in them. Also, the charm and craziness of getting hair colors and keratin treatments are at their peak, these look fascinating but are a major source of hair loss among both genders.

When you are suffering from issues like heredity mutations, changes related to your hormones being using a shampoo that contained dangerous chemicals, aging, or your body is deprived of Iron, then you will face hair loss. But this complication of losing hair strands can be controlled by getting the best hair treatments. Choosing the Best Hair Transplant Latest Methods in Dubai will definitely help you in transforming your weak hair into a stronger one. Your hair fall will not be an issue after the treatment.

All you Need to Understand About Hair Transplant:

Hair transplants are done to improve the appearance of bald scalp. This can be for a completely bald skull or to add some strands of hair to a specific bald area. This is basically done for the restoration of the scalp area deprived of hair by providing hair strands. 

To carry out the hair transplants, either the hair strands or the growth factors immune to hair loss will be introduced into the skin of the head. With local anesthesia, the process will proceed. The technique for Hair Transplantation is the same for both genders. 

A versatile process, that gives a lot of treatment options to the people from which they pick up the best transplant option according to their desire and needs. Different hair strands will be made containing one or little more hair on them with color, thickness, and amount according to the patient’s demand.

Best Hair Transplant Latest Methods:

Neo Grafting:

Best Hair Transplant Latest Methods

Sort of FUE with the latest techniques is Neo grafting. This is the removal of hair follicles by the hand of the doctor from the back of the head and then the implantation of these withdrawn follicles in the bald area. In Neo Grafting a wand will be utilized to take out the hair strands without making incisions.

Robotic Hair Transplantation:

ARTAS is used to carry out robotic hair transplantation. The robot will make incisions and holes for the grafts & the doctor himself extract the hair follicles. This robotic procedure is currently not a common process as there is a non-availability of robots for the treatment. This process needs to work with a human.

DHI Hair Transplant:

A technique called direct hair transplantation causes the growth of hair on the bald head area by the extraction of hair strands from the donor part and then after extraction of hair follicles placing them on the required part. The insertion of hair strands will be done by utilizing a special hair tool and after a certain time.


Certain hair strips will be taken from the hairy areas and the hair on them will be picked up to insert them on the scalp. The strips are taken from the back of the head using the stereo-microscopic dissection method. The wounds made due to the surgery will be treated too.


By receiving Best Hair Transplant Latest Methods in Dubai a person can get a lot of benefits:

  • First of all, the baldness will be eliminated
  • You will have a hair line resembling a natural one
  • Enhanced confidence and self-trust
  • No extra money wastage on the hair care products
  • Affordable and enduring treatment


The process of Hair transplant in Dubai depends on the technique which is in use. Generally, the doctor will take the hair follicles one by one from that section of the scalp that has bulk hair. For extraction of these hair strands, different tools can be used like a wand or a pen-shaped tool. In extracting the strands the doctor will take care of the skin and roots so that they remain safe and healthy.

These will be small grafts containing few hairs. After the collection of these hair follicles, the surgeons will make openings of a particular size and depth to insert the grafts. Proper technique is used to insert the hair strands so they look properly natural and attractive. By following the whole technique grafts will be rooted into the scalp. 

Recovery Time:

  • Depending on the immune system the person’s recovery time fluctuates. However, for most people, it’s around 10 to 14 days.
  • To enhance the recovery, the patient should not get involved in extra sports
  • Do not drive
  • Give some time for your implanted hair to grow and wait
  • There will be discomfort or pain after the surgery that will be tackled by medications