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Overcoming Business Complexities with Customized Test Automation Services

Gone are the days when testers employed manual testing methods to execute predefined test cases carefully. Now, test automation has changed the way testers test any software or application product. It helps you detect bugs faster, reduce the feedback cycle, increase the team’s efficiency, and build better quality products with fewer efforts.

Read the content ahead and know why automation testing is essential for your organization and the benefits it can bring. Also, check how a test automation company gives an edge to business enterprises when they think of solving complexities through a range of test automation services as per their changing business needs.

Why do test automation services matter?

Entrepreneurs always look for better ways to get their business products and services to perform well in the market. Software testing is a unique option that helps entrepreneurs make the most out of their existing and upcoming products.

Customized automation testing services by a professional test automation company help organizations get a defect-free product without compromising quality. Find here details of the outcome of some of the surveys published by Statista, GM Insights, and other data research agencies regarding the growing utility of testing automation for the business world.

  • 78% of business organizations use test automation for regression or functional testing. Regression testing tests existing software apps to know whether a change or addition hasn’t broken any existing functionality.
  • 87% of organizations go for an agile methodology for software testing. The Agile methodology uses testers to manage a testing project by breaking it up into many phases.
  • The size of the software A/B testing market will reach $1000 million globally by 2025. The A/B testing method compares two different versions of app or software to find out a better-performing product.
  • By 2025, about $200 billion will be invested in artificial intelligence (AI).
  • 40% of business organizations have automated their business processes by 50% last year.
  • 34% of organizations lack a testing strategy.

Software testing is indispensable, and it brings lots of benefits to business enterprises, irrespective of their size and type. Business enterprises allocate about 23 percent of their annual IT budget toward quality assurance (QA) and testing. Quality assurance and testing in IT play a vital role in the growth of business organizations.

QA and testing ensure IT products of the company are delivered in the market securely and without any defects. Digital transformation has opened the gate of opportunity for millions of business enterprises in all corners of the world. It is all about the automation of processes at all organizational levels. That is why test automation is the key to success. With cloud-based test environments, it is pretty easy to test IT security without inflating overall costs.

Major software testing types and approaches

Software testing is, primarily, of two types. You can do testing in these two ways:

  • Positive software  testing
  • Negative or illegal software testing 

Positive software testing renders particular data to the app to detect whether it responds fine with expected data. Negative software testing is the procedure to offer unexpected data to the app to evaluate whether software performs well in such conditions.

Major software testing approaches

  • Manual software testing
  • Automated software testing

The former relates to the manual process for checking if the software program has any defects. In this testing process, software testers act as end-user and offer data to detect software errors. Contrary to it, automated software testing enables testers to use software app tools to test the programs. It has pre-scripted tests executed upon programs.

Stay ahead with automation testing services

Every organization expects to grow up with a motto of earning a maximum profit, lowering business costs, employing fewer resources, and ensuring faster time to market. Testing matters the most in the process of software and app development.

An automation testing company knows how to over the expectations of their clients when they look for a customized solution for automating their apps and software products. You can expect the following benefits from a reliable and experienced QA expert. These include:

  • 24/7 running of tests dependent on project and client needs
  • Accelerate release and increase regression testing coverage
  • Assurance for smooth maintenance and functionality of systems and browsers
  • Continuous support for quick software releases
  • Deployment of unit testing automation
  • Faster time-to-market for mobile, web, and desktop apps
  • Improved test coverage by 70%
  • Reduced count of defects with the deployment of test automation during the SDLC
  • Reduced regression testing cycle time by almost 80%
  • Reliable test automation frameworks for testing across various devices
  • Speeding up testing processes with standardized automation

Simplifying testing efforts with test automation services

Find here some of the most customized automation testing services that conveniently help you solve many complexities and challenges. These include:

Automated Web Testing Service

This service type helps you improve the overall testing process and application quality using a set of test automation tools.

Automated Mobile Testing Service

This service type is associated with automation software testing for mobile apps. You can go for this testing service type using a data-driven approach to conduct performance, functional, and regression testing.

Continuous Test Automation

This service type relates to the building and deployment of the application safely and consistently. It is about automating every single feature of the software’s lifecycle.

CI/CD Pipeline Deployment

This test automation service type is ideal for running tests automatically after frequent software changes. Here, testers implement a continuous integration pipeline leveraging assistance from the DevOp teams.

SaaS Test Automation

Testers focus on this testing option to test different SaaS-based apps continuously. The prime purpose of this test is to detect potential risks and shorten time-to-market for brand building.

Summing up

Test Automation is famous for the faster, safe, and accurate testing of any software product. It can solve the challenges of rapid development cycles, customer demands, product launching, cost reduction, and resource utilization.

Test automation services take things to the next level when it comes to preserving quality and meeting the exact needs of clients and their audience. Just understand test automation companies and their relevant services before jumping to any conclusion.

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