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Alpo Martinez Wife

Alberto Alpo Martinez Wife: Bio, Childs, Career, Facts

Whenever you will talk about drugs and crimes in the US you will hear a prominent name, Alberto Alpo Martinez. This name was among the famous drug dealers back in the 1980s. Most of the people know about him and many are unaware of him but are curious to know his history. In this article, we will talk about Alpo Martinez Wife, Children, Facts, and his historical details.
so let’s get into it.

Alberto Alpo Martinez Wife and Personal life:

As he was much indulged in drug dealing and other crimes people think that he had no personal life. But it is not like that if we talk about his family then you must know that he was married and had one child. Alberto Alpo Martinez Wife name is not known. His son’s name is Popperazzi Po.

Who was Alberto Alpo?

He was a normal human who was born on 8th June 1966. He grew up in New York. He was an American. But as he reached at the age of 13 he met a guy named Azie Fashion since that day he got indulged in drug dealing. In the beginning, he started selling drugs to local street people.

His Education:

Like all other children, he was admitted to the school. He was a student at Automotive Mechanical High School. He was expelled from that school but then again he got admitted to another school. As he was fond of drugs and crimes and he was much attracted to these things he left his studies because he was dropped out from the other school as well. He was not educated and the reason is his interest in drugs.

Drug dealing hype:

He started from local drug dealing but with the passing time he felt an urge to get more and more famous. To satisfy his urge he did what he wanted. Within few years he was New York’s number one drug dealer. Still he wasn’t happy from this he wanted to expand his success all over the world. Then he introduced himself in Washington, D.C, and spread his drug dealing here as well.

During this time period, he met Wayne Perry who was already a famous gangster and drug lord in Washington, D.C. With him, Albert worked for many years and he was his trustworthy person. Albert appointed him as his bodyguard because he trusted him a lot.

Albert and his arrest:

As he was touching the heights of his success everything started falling apart. In 1990 Alpo faced different murder and drug charges. On the basis of these charges Albert was arrested by the FBI in 1991. As he was famous and had money he made an agreement with security agencies.

He also provided information related to other drug lords which helped him to get out of jail soon. He spend a few years in jail he was released under some special protection program. When he was released from jail the court gave him a new identity. It is said that Alpo Martinez Wife was very supportive. When he was in jail Alpo Martinez Wife stood by his side she didn’t leave him. He always had Alpo Martinez Wife is back.

Albert’s Death:

On October 31st,2021 he was going somewhere and a car passed by his car on Harlem Road and started shooting on him. He was 55 years old at that time. He was killed on the road by some unknown people. He was taken to the hospital but reported dead. This news was very big as one of the drug lords was killed on the road this way. No one knows who killed him and what was the reason behind his death. The police is investigating the whole scene but they have gathered not a single clue yet. He was shot many times and was not able to survive. The media and police confirmed his death.

His Net Worth:

He had a wide illegal business of drugs as he was one of the famous drug dealers in the history of New York. He might have treasures of million dollars. It is said that his son is looking for his business after his death.

About his Son:

His son Randy Harvey is very famous in the music industry. He is CEO of a well-known music label O3GMG. He started his career as a rapper at age of nine.

Final Verdict:

This article is all about a notorious drug lord Albert Alpo Martinez. All the details about ‘’Alberto Alpo Martinez Wife: Bio, Childs, Career, Facts’’ are given above. Hope you will like this article.