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Air freight Has Never Been So Revolutionary!

In order to meet the specified freight dates, you need an air freight provider with a high range of services. Many of these providers already offer door-to-door service today. This service includes the transport of the freight directly from the supplier, to the airport, loading into the aircraft, at the destination airport unloading, for example into a truck, and from there directly to the recipient. The advantage of such an air freight provider is that not several logistics companies are involved, but the entire process is handled, monitored and also completed by one provider. This ensures safe and undamaged transport of goods, goods, documents, animals, food or whatever goods have been transported.

air freight

Certain freight documents are required for proper air freight transport. Customs and their processing also play a major role, as with all other transport options that take place across borders. Since these freight documents have to be uniform in air traffic and the abbreviations used there have to be internationally understandable, international airlines have joined forces to form IATA. The IATA first made sure that even the handling procedures were standardized in order to simplify the whole process worldwide. An important part of air freight is of course the air freight contract, which was regulated by law.

Air freight contract

This contract is the agreement of cross-border air freight transport. Like every other contract of carriage, it is a contract for work and services which, from a legal point of view, do not require a prescribed form and thus verbally concluded contracts are also legally effective. Contracts for work and services are usually concluded for construction work, repair work and a wide variety of manual activities, but also for transport services, such as the transport of goods by air freight. In the case of a work contract, the production of a work is the contractually owed performance, i.e. the achievement of the specified goal. In the legal sense, the term work includes material and immaterial things as well as services and their successful implementation.

Framework conditions for the handling of air freight

The framework conditions are named here, as the air freight of the companies has to take place in civil aviation. Air freight may generally only be transported ‘safely’ into the aircraft intended for this purpose and flown to the destination. Producers have two options to achieve the current security status for the air freight of their goods:

  1. Air carriers, usually airlines, in particular cargo carriers, or regulated agents (air carriers, agencies and forwarders who ensure security controls for freight or mail) control the goods and goods according to legal requirements and thereby make them safe ‘. These security controls are determined based on the goods to be transported and their properties. But be careful, plan in time and money for this effort, this service is usually billed.
  2. Producers of goods and goods have the option of being approved as a ‘known consignor’ by the LBA (Luftfahrt Bundesamt). If there is recognition as a ‘known consignor’, there is no need for time-consuming checks prior to loading and the goods are immediately classified as ‘safe’ and handed over. The ‘known consignor’ is responsible for ensuring that the air freight can be identified (using accompanying documents) and that it is safe from access and manipulation by unauthorized third parties at the place of manufacture or storage prior to removal and / or further transport.

Cargo airlines

Cargo carriers are airlines that have specialized in air cargo transport in scheduled and charter traffic with cargo planes specially built for the transport of goods. In recent years growth rates have been achieved which can be attributed to the globalization of the markets. For example, well-known courier transport companies such as Federal Express, DHL or UPS have fleets of more than 600 aircraft in use. Airlines operating in the passenger transport sector have around 400 aircraft in the air. There are, however, examples of how the tasks are linked. Singapore Airlines Cargo, as a subsidiary of Singapore Airlines, not only transports cargo with cargo aircraft, but also as additional cargo on passenger flights. Because many of the passenger planes also offer limited cargo capacity. Dubai to Pakistan Cargo has chosen a further variant of the link; it also offers air freight transport through its 100% subsidiary.

Air freight container

Unit load devices (short ULD) are pallets and containers. The use of this ULD has made the loading of mail, luggage and freight considerably easier by packing them together into large units. It saves time and money and, as in many cases, also saves personnel. There are 2 types of ULD:

  1. ULD pallets
  2. ULD containers

ULD containers are having different size. This is because not all cargo aircraft around the world are of the same type, vary in size and offer different container and pallet capacities.

Not all containers are the same – and there are refrigerated containers, clothes containers, small and large, with and without a door, and of course there are also stables for up to 3 horses. Not only goods of daily use are flown through the world, no, our four-legged friends can also fly with them.

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