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Water Supply

A Guide to The Water Supply System

Water is a naturally renewable resource available on the planet Earth. While some water sources produce freshwater, some water is impurified. Thus, we rely on our local Melbourne municipal council to provide clean and drinkable water supply to every household and buildings. And, also remove waste water from these places.

From where do we get our water supply?

As mentioned above, most water is supplied through the municipal water system lines to every household in the country. However, there are a few percentages of residents depending on other sources of the water supply. Such as, getting the water supply from a private well. Or, some homeowners get their water supply even from holding tanks. The water supply to these tanks is provided by tanker trucks.

There are two ways water is collected at the municipal from natural resources. Surface water and ground water; we have detailed it below.

Surface water

This system takes water from rivers and lakes and then distributes it to the households from the municipal water system.

Ground water

The municipal gets this water supply from the aquifers placed underground.

How does the water system work?

From natural resource to the municipal; and, from there, to the household- how does this happen?

The water from the natural resources, for example, lakes; is pumped by the municipal water system. Then, it is treated before the water is distributed to the homes. Hence, the quality of the water is determined by the method used for treatment.

Upon treating the water, it is distributed to the respected buildings through large pipes. This is also known as the water mains. The pipes are installed under the roads and are maintained by the local government. The government makes an earning by charging a fee on the usage of the water.

Perhaps, we have figured out how the water comes to every tap and shower in our homes. However, there is an extension to enhance this water supply. You would know if you are residing in Melbourne hot water systems are a must-have. Here, mentioned below is a guide on selecting a hot water system.


How does the water system work

What are the different types of the hot water system?

Electronic hot water system

The electrical hot water storage systems work in most often used in today’s time. How does it work?

There is a button at the bottom of the unit which allows heating the water, and, this heated water can be stored in the insulated tank. Perhaps, you have ready-to-use hot water throughout the day.

Indeed, this is the cheapest way to heat the water, but the most expensive on your electrical bills.

Gas hot water system

An economical type water heater it is! This highly efficient water heating system operates on natural gas to warm the water.

Solar-powered hot water system

In contrast to the electronic hot water system; the solar power heating system is costly to install, but, the running cost is very cheap.

Heat pump hot water system

This unit uses the warm air in the surrounding atmosphere to heat the water in the storing tank. Thus, using less electricity than an electronic heater.