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Photo Recovery Apps

4 Best Photo Recovery Apps You Must Have

Are you seeking the finest Android photo recovery apps? If your answer is yes, then this blog is especially for you. Life today would be difficult without cell phones. Just about everyone is now more than ever reliant on Phones. When it concerns performance, smartphones may today meet all of your requirements. It’s all available, from booking tickets to internet buying.

Smartphones nowadays come preloaded with all necessary professional software, allowing you to complete your official tasks from anywhere. These days’ camera phones allow you to take high-definition photos with your phone. The photo recovery applications for Android are the only way to get your priceless photos back without any fuss. Here are all the top 4 Photo Restoration Apps for Android if you need to retrieve essential images in your life.

  1. DigDeep

DigDeep Image Restoration is a straightforward Android picture recovery tool that lets you recover dropped photos and videos. The program supports JPG, PNG, and more file types. This utility can swiftly scan data blocks enabling you to retrieve the relevant files, irrespective of whether images were wiped from system storage or an SD card. DigDeep, unlike the other programs described, does not function as a recycling bin.

It analyses the root directories and nothing else to recover files that were destroyed when the software was installed. DigDeep has an easy-to-use interface, so you’ll have no trouble utilizing it. Turn on the scanner to get started with DigDeep. Based on your RAM’s extensive, this operation might take quite some time. You’ll see a display with folders when the procedure is finished. Ensure this is the correct file by accessing its thumbnails before recovering it.

This program is essentially worthless if you have removed documents, movies, audio, or any other form of data. Furthermore, there are times when recovered photographs are corrupted or of bad quality, and users can’t preserve them even with the most special photo editing software. Install one from Pirate Bay to make your life precious with old memories of photos.

  1. FonePaw Data Recovery Wizard

FonePaw Data Recovery Wizard

This is a popular and efficient data retrieval program. The application works with over 6000 Android smartphones and any iPhones, MacBook, or iPod running iOS 15 or later. FonePaw Data Recovery Wizard also supports all kinds of data kinds, including multimedia files, memos, journals, and other files. Other applications operating in the background may become sluggish. This is because FonePaw Recovery alters the efficiency of additional apps by using hard disc speeds.

  1. Undeleter

Undeleter is an Android picture recovery software that lets users recover lost files from their onboard storage or SD card. It can recover every form of data and file, restoring your documents to their original state. You must activate root privileges on your smartphone to use some of the app’s features, granting the program-ready control to your phone’s file system.

The recovery tool will be less effective if you don’t have root access. File restoration, computer forensics, and tear erase are the three options. You can remove files located on free disc regions in batches if shred/secure delete is allowed. Undeleter, like other picture recovery programs, will enable you to see your files before recovering them, and it also produces backup backups you download from Dropbox.

  1. DiskDigger


Another decent photo recovery program for Android smartphones is DiskDigger. Using the software, you can restore deleted images not just from your smartphones but also from external USB sticks, Ssds, or even camcorders. Even though there is a paid version of the software, the free version has many features, so you can quickly restore photographs that have been erased. I enjoy that this software has two scanning modes: basic and sophisticated. Although if your device is an unlocked bootloader, you may run a rudimentary scan.

However, if photographs were removed over a week ago, the software may produce unsatisfactory results. Because the program searches the whole internal memory, including root files, such scanning is more comprehensive. DiskDigger, like Dumpster, has a preview capability. The “Wipe free space” option also deletes any rest of the free disk space and makes deleted files unrecoverable. You may store the data you’ve retrieved on a memory stick, email it, or transfer them to Dropbox. You can restore films, audio, texts, and text files if you upgrade to the premium upgrade.


To discover the recovered data, a picture recovery program can scan the Android device’s storage for pages labeled with a 0. You can utilize data recovery software right after a file is erased to improve your chances of recovering your data. With your approval, your favorite picture recovery app analyses your phone’s whole storage and locates your lost photographs when you install it. All of your missing images would appear when the scan was completed.